Monday, March 30, 2020

So, here's what's been happening since we last spoke. . . . . . We dove into distance learning.  It's going ok.  Also doing our own study thru StudySync and doing a book club of our own.

 I painted our old swing black for a major swing makeover

 Liv continues to upgrade her new room.  Latest edition, this cool canopy and lights.  They both love hanging out in their new room.
 We finally got aunt Melissa and Aunt Teresa on video calls and we discovered when daddy uses this filter he and aunt Melissa could be twins
We started and finished a new puzzle
Roger's been gardening and cleaning up our patio so we can use it.  I fixed our treadmill (Major accomplishment).  The belt needed to be tightened and readjusted and I did it all by myself by watching a youtube video.  The other thing I learned this week by watching a youtube video is how to cut men's hair.  Not too shabby!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A New Normal

Yep. Our new normal. Just taking a dog walk and bike ride on an average Thursday afternoon.  Beautiful weather, weird thing. . . we saw soooo many people out.  On a normal day, pre-Covid 19, we could walk the block and see zero to 2 people.  Today we saw minimally 12 people of all ages. Out walking, jogging, swinging, yard work, during a time when kids should be at school and parents at work.  All out and enjoying a beautiful day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

First Day of (Distance Learning) School

Today started our first day of school in our new distance learning world.  Olivia surprised me by getting up by 9am (even after staying up til past midnight watching the Star Wars movies; one more to go!) and logging on to get her work done.  She 'zoomed' with a friend to get it all down.
We couldn't find any assignments for Jules so I got to take out my teacher hat again as I rostered them in my StudySync classroom.  We started a new unit on myths, fables and folk tales.  Both girls were very interested - I LOVE STUDYSYNC!

After we finished with school work, Liv decided to try her hand at making masks.  Turned out awesome.  And since we are on 'shelter in place' we don't have too much use, but I did use it to pull weeds since everything is pretty much yellow and full of pollen.  
 Then we headed outdoors for physical education.  We were so glad to take our first swim of the season. Beautiful weather after a week of rain and clouds.  We heated up the water a bit so it was perfect. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Quarantine Fashion Do's and Don'ts

As we enter this second week of quarantine we wanted to share a little bit of fashion do's and don'ts during a pandemic.  So basically there aren't any don'ts and only lots of Do's!  So for most people this is a very shoe optional time.  Heck sometimes it's even a sock optional time.  But for those of us over 40, with a little bit of plantar fasciitis, we need support. So for a very dad look you should try some nice thick white socks with your Chaco sandals for maximum support.  For the moms in the house you can do same kind of sock but only with Birkenstock's.  You can choose from the winter variety or the sandal. Either way, you have socks underneath so it doesn't matter.
 Also a must is a nice flannel variety pant with the elastic waist.  (Dad's new work uniform)
For us girls, it means yoga pants or sweat pants (also must have elastic waist), whatever comfy t-shirt, no make up, no hair products or accessories other than a hair rubberband.
Hair rubberband necessary for the messy bun that your hair will eventually end up in.
 And of course you need a lap dog.

Brooks Chronicles - Quarantine Edition

Welcome back to the Brooks Chronicles.  Something I haven't touched in awhile, but these times are calling for us to chronicle our lives as we head into uncharted territory with Corona Virus.  So as of today, March 22, 2020 we are under a bit of quarantine.  All non essential businesses are closed.  Restaurants and bars are closed for dine in and most businesses are work from home only.  Our spring break started Friday, March 13 and runs thru Monday, March 23rd.  So technically, we have been on 'spring break' even though it has felt like a full blown quarantine.  So far this week we have:

Made homemade blueberry scones
Lounged around a bit

completed a 1,000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzle

 Snacked a bit (don't judge)
 Made some homemade eggplant parmesean

We started watching the entire Star Wars movies (me and the girls had seen none of them), cleaned the house, started reading a book together, cleaned and organized the playroom and Liv decided to move upstairs to one of the spare rooms.  Her and Jules are taking turns, sometimes sleeping upstairs and sometimes sleeping downstairs. So they now have their own room, but take turns sleeping together.

Today I went to Costco.  Kind of a big deal.  It's weird because we are consumed by all the media and all that's going on and you go out and drive and it looks so normal. The trees are still green and blooming, cars still on the road.  Just hard to believe that in this place that looks so normal there is something out there that is endangering so many people.  The store is only allowing so many customers at a time, so there was a bit of a line to get in.  On a plus note they were wiping down each cart as they handed it to you.  Some peculiar things: Limits on things like water, canned chicken etc. Signs reminding you to stay 6 feet away from everyone. Meat completely out well except for some plant based meat (great time to be plant based) Some people wearing masks. Some people wearing masks with their nose hanging out of the mask.  News flash - if you want the mask to be effective you have to keep nose and mouth covered.  Then on the other hand some families were shopping with the whole family including kids like nothing was happening. The toll road that usually costs about $1.27 - $1.67 was at .24 cents. A dog park I passed on the way home was full. Way more than 10 people. Just crazy.  But got us stocked with all of our staples and some treats.  Now hoping to buckle down, stay home, stay safe and healthy.  Tuesday starts distance learning!!! Let's see how that goes!

Here's some thoughts from our girls:

Jules - So far I am feeling good. 

Liv - I'm a little unsure. I mean I love spending time with my fam, but how long is this going to take to blow over. I've been actually hoping we get on lockdown, but now that its happened and why its happened were, well, all for the wrong reasons. I've LOVED all this free time and making my new room and spending time with my family, but its at the cost of people dying. I guess, today, I've realized that we have to slow down sometimes and if we don't, then God will for us. We have to appreciate the little things in life that matter. Like watching a movie as a family at home or even something as simple as eating family together as a family. Because if we don't recognize these things, God will SHOW us how to recognize it.     

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Overwhelmed with Life

2018 here we are. I told myself this year was the year that I was bringing back he blog. Why?? Because we are living this incredible life with so much going on that we sometimes forget specials moments that seem small at the time but are actually very big! I feel like we’ve missed out on so many huge and tiny adventures the last couple of years that will most likely end up lost on my terrible memory. Last year was our year of travel. Would have been a great one to blog about. We went to Spokane Washington with our dear friends Jenn and Ali, we went to Hot Springs, AK, the girls went to camp for the first time ever and we got to go to Hawaii on Juliana’s Make-A-Wish trip. So I refuse to miss out on another year. 2018 has already been a doozy. We ended last year with the news of my dad’s cancer. It was a tough getting that news but the good news is tray he’s fighting it and going along with all treatments. Then on January 10th, Juliana has spinal fusion surgery. It was a 9 hour procedure and the longest day of my life. As always she pulled through like a champ but it hasn’t been easy. Not on her. The recovery is brutal. She ended up with 24 screws and two rods. An incision going from the back of her neck to her bottom. No. Not an easy recover. It’s been hard on Olivia who has had to take be second in a lot of ways. She has had to be ridiculously patient with us all while also handing her own stress and anxiety about her sisters surgery. So I’ve tried to take some time for her. Just cooking dinner together or putting her to bed. Tonight at bed she asked me “mommy, do you sometimes get overwhelmed with life!” Umm, yeah. Every flipping day of my life. I answer, “sure. Everybody does sometimes. What do you get overwhelmed about?” Her answer.....”Just how fast everything is happening. Like soon Juj will go to middle school, then I will, then we’ll be in high school and college, and then we’ll just be out in the big world and all ‘this’ will be over. “ I want to scream “GET OUT OF MY HEAD KID!” She is such an old soul. I hugged her tight and enjoyed the moment. Don’t grow up too fast my little mouse. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Letters to Santa

Olivia had her Christmas list ready about a week ago.  She's been chomping at the bit to get it out to Santa. Her list included Flipeez (ridiculous winter hats you can only buy at Walgreens), Mooshka doll, doll stroller, shopping cart, a cash register and scanner.  

So I told Juliana that we needed to get busy and write her letter so we could get them in the mail.  Without missing a beat, she tells me on her computer, "That is too hard.  I need help.  How many?  That is too hard."  I told her we would work on it together but I needed her to start thinking of something she would like.  

So coincidentally, the next day, guess what her school team decided to work on.  So they started it off as a shared writing.  They asked her, "How do you want to start it out?  Have you been good? etc" So they wrote this part together.  Then they gave her the sentence starter "I want a _____" and then using her alphabet flip book, she spelled C-A-R.  They asked her if she was done, thinking that she couldn't possibly be spelling car, right?  Maybe she meant C-A-R-D-S, like goldfish or something.  She responded with a nod - yes.  So then they asked her if she wanted a small car, a minnie mouse car, a remote control car - to all of which she responded NO.  So then Mrs. Broome (OT) asked, "OH! Do you want a power wheels so you and Olivia can go riding around?" to which she smiled and nodded a huge YES!
 I'm really hoping Santa has it in the budget to get this girl a car.  She has been a VERY GOOD GIRL!