Saturday, September 20, 2014

A New Generation

So I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and didn't know where to share it other than here.  So I'm happy to say this is what brought me back to my blog (after a 4 month hiatus).  It has to do with this whole new generation of kids we are raising and it's really pretty cool.  So I know we have become a generation that is not ok with bullies - and I love that.  But in addition to a zero bully tolerance, I really feel like we are raising kids with so much tolerance and acceptance.  It's really inspiring.  Allow me to elaborate, I have seen several examples of this in Olivia recently and it really makes my heart happy.

So the first one is really kind of silly.  We were watching Freaky Friday - the new one, not the old one.  I know the old one is much better but unfortunately not available on Netflix, and the new one has Lindsay Lohan, which I was not thrilled about, but I digress.  The point is we were watching it and it's at the part where Lindsay is playing in her hard rock band, but it's actually the mother in daughter Lindsay's body.  Does this make sense?  So the mom (in a kids body) is dancing across the stage in a very "mom" like way if you know what I mean.  So I start laughing and this exchange takes place:

Me - laughing at the scene
Liv - Why are you laughing?
Me - The way she's dancing, it's funny.
Liv - What's funny?
Me - You know, it's kind of corny.
Liv - What does corny mean?
Me - You know, kind of nerdy?
Liv - What does nerdy mean?

I was going to say dorky next, but I quickly realized that she wasn't finding this humorous because in her world, the girl was just dancing.  And that is how she danced.  And she didn't know what corny or nerdy mean, because you just don't call people that anymore.  Those words are beginning to not exist anymore.  So I quickly shut up and changed the conversation.

Then next incident happened a few days ago. I announced that Juliana's Miracle League (softball for special needs kids) was starting on Saturday.  So this happened:

Liv - So mommy, I think I want to be on Juliana's team this year.
Me - Well you kind of are.  You help when out all the time and you fill in when other kids don't show up.
Liv - I know but I want to BE ON THE TEAM.
Me - I know, but you can't really.
Liv - But why can't I?
Me - (Not wanting to say "Because you aren't disabled in any way) Well because I think you have to be a certain age or something.
Liv - No you don't, there are kids in my grade on the team!

And I just thought for a second.  How do I explain this?  "You see honey, it's just that you can walk, talk, run etc.  Basically everything is easy for you, and this team if for kids that don't have it that easy." Is it possible that she doesn't get it?  That she sees all these beautiful kids and see absolutely nothing wrong with them?  Only sees their heart and the fun they have and she wants to be a part of it.  How beautiful is that?  So I did what any person would do.  I took the cowards way out and said, "Well ok.  Ask Juliana's coach if you can join.  If it's ok with her, it's ok with me:)"

And of course she asked, and of course they said no.  I tried to smooth it over by getting her an official Miracle League Buddy shirt.  Not sure that was enough.  Love this girl.