Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Bet you are wondering what kind of wild and crazy party we had for New Year's Eve.  Well, ask no more.  Because when you have kids, this is as wild and crazy as it gets.  We stayed up and played Just Dance!

 She's got the moves

Saturday, December 28, 2013

El Paso Bound for Christmas

So this year, because of a little deal we made with Auntie Laura, we headed out on the open road and headed to El Paso for Christmas.

 After about a 10 hour trip (with two stops) we made it to Omi's
 After a quick dinner we headed over to Auntie Laura & Uncle Gary's.  This is the fun house.  We took the girls to the "Night Club"

 And got on the dance floor!
 And there were line dances

 And then the next morning I had Menudo!  I have been craving this for weeks.  Yummy!

We got to take a sleigh ride one night.  And for you movie buffs, this is the actual sleigh from the movie "The Santa Claus".  They hitched it to their vehicle and drove us around to see the lights at Eastridge.  But boy was it COLD!
 I couldn't go to El Paso without grabbing some Chico's Tacos.
 Then for Christmas Eve we headed over to Auntie Laura's for some fun.  This is the drive in she has outside her house.  And yes, there is a real movie playing on the screen.

 And during dinner, Juliana couldn't stop looking at Santa looking back at her.

 Then we headed over to the theater section for the Christmas Eve Show

 Juliana liked her popper

 Then we all had to try on Auntie Laura's Mickey winter hat.  So cool.

 Olivia received some fuzzy socks  in her stocking and she was just  a little bit excited about them.
 Then in the morning we packed up our clothes and headed over to Omi's house where we opened presents.  This was Olivia's favorite gift - roller blades.

 And this was Juliana's favorite.  She had this piggy when she was little.  I stupidly decided she was too big for  it and got rid of it without asking.  Her therapist had one and you would have thought she had gold.  Juliana would not put it down.  So Santa thought it would be important to get her one of her very own.

 Then remember the part where we packed our clothes and came to Omi's?  Oh yeah, Roger forgot to pack pants.  So he was stuck in Christmas Jammies until he decided to go back to the hotel for his pants.
 These are second cousins and I think that is awesome.
 Then on our last day we decided to go on the Wyler Tram over the Franklin Mountains.  Bad idea.  Although it was all sun shiny in the picture, it was FREEZING.  Especially in the shade and especially when you have to wait three hours to go on a 3 minute tram up a mountain.  Get out, on top of this huge mountain that is FREEZING and then immediately get back in line to get off this mountain and in your warm car.

 The girls were troopers!

 So after freezing our you-know-what's off, we decided to go to Monteleone's to warm up for some dinner.
 And then we crashed hard.  And we would be heading home in the morning.  Thanks Omi for this cute piggy to sleep with.
 And guess who was waiting for us when we finally made our long trip home.  Liv actually started crying when she saw her.  Very sweet!

 And then of course she had to put the skates on.  She is the modern day Tootie!