Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Time

Our El Paso family was able to come in for a fast and furious trip.  I think they mostly came to deliver some special surprises for our spoiled girls.  Oddly enough we managed to not take a single picture of them.  We did however get some our baby cousin Izzie!
And here is the only evidence that Auntie Laura was here.  Uncontrollable giggles from Juliana.
 And this was the cutest thing ever.  Baby Izzie has won Opi's heart.
 She has the prettiest smile and. . . . . .
 the angriest eye brows.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Taking a Ride

So this year all Liv wanted for Christmas was a new bike.  She was tired of her tricycle and wanted a bike with two wheels.  So Santa had wanted to give it to her without training wheels and I insisted that she needed them on.  I thought why add so much pressure.  She is four.  Let her enjoy her bike for awhile before taking them off.

So we rode up and down a few times and I told her "You let me know whenever you want take off the training wheels.  It's totally up to you."  And she looked over at me and said, "Mommy, I think I'm old enough today."  So we went back home and took off the wheels and this is what happened. (Please disregard her huge mother running beside her in pajamas)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Easy Bake Time

Yes friends, it's time for the inaugural run of the Easy Bake Oven!  This was a Christmas gift from Pa-Paw for both Juliana and Olivia.  Unfortunately Olivia made a series of bad choices and stubbornness won out over logic and she was unable to participate in this baking session.  I don't think Juliana minded too much.

 Here we are decided what to make. . . . cupcakes or cookies. . . .

 We went for cookies.  Step one, mix it up

 And keep mixing
 Pop it in the oven and watch it bake . . . .
 And out come some delicious cookies!
 And yes, here is Olivia.  We aren't that mean.  We did let her eat the cookies

Christmas Dinner

So after gifts it was time to get ready for Christmas dinner.  But we were not headed for the kitchen.  Nope. The Brook's were headed for Bucca di Beppo!  That's right, we would brave the cold and icy roads for a nice Italian Christmas Dinner!

Juju is ready!
 Here we are at our table.  Of course my daughter's daughters had to come as well.

 And this is one happy face!  I think she loved her fettuccine Alfredo + the getting out in the cold weather.


Yes, this is what you have to love about Texas. Just a few weeks ago we were in the 80's and now on Christmas day we get . . . . 
 You could not believe the size of these huge snow flakes falling from the sky.  It was beautiful.

 This one was my favorite
 Juj was so excited by the snow.  So she hates presents but loves snow!

Christmas Morning

Santa came and we had a very excited little girl.  She got what she wanted. . . . A Bike!  

 He even brought a Pinkalicious helmet and basket!
 Juj got up, but was, well a bit underwhelmed.  I don't know when I am going to learn, she does not enjoy opening presents.  Period.  She likes getting new things, but I think the whole process and build up of opening gifts is just to much for her and she just thoroughly does not enjoy it.  We made the mistake of getting her out of bed and being all excited, possibly screaming, "OMG!  Let's see what Santa brought you!!!!" and this is the response I got.
 So we decided to take the focus off of her a bit and I opened a gift.
 Liv opened a million gifts.  I really don't think she minded.

 I opened another. . .
 Then finally she decided to at least get up.  So we made it as low key as possible.  No yelling or using high pitched voices.  Just cool and calmly unwrapping a gift.
 Woo Hoo!  Easy Bake Oven!!!!  I know, not the reaction you would hope to see watching the your child open up an amazing gift like that, but trust me she loved it.  And at least she was looking, right.

 Then we proceeded to calmly open the rest of her gifts.  With no big build ups or expectations.  Again, not the reaction you would hope for, but the fact that she was looking meant that she liked it.  These were more books to go with her Leapfrog system
 A few more for Liv
 Another for Juliana
 Make your own snow globes!  Pretty cool.  Definitely some interest here.

 Juliana had enough by now.  And this was a super surprise from our family in Germany
 It was a precious German doll that speaks a million different German phrases.  It is adorable.  She even cries in German!  They loved it.  Also, not picture was a really cool remote control Volkswagen.  I think this was Livi's favorite.
 Juj decided she would nap with her German baby.