Friday, May 28, 2010

Juliana's Story

Well, as some of you know, we've been working on a little project for quite some time. It's called "Juliana's Story". We started working on this video to basically, tell people about Juliana's story, about Girl Power 2 Cure and most of all motivate people to join our fight. Please help us by sharing this video with all of your friends and family. A special thanks to OUR incredible friends and family - you truly are the Dream Team that will make this dream come true! So without further ado, we would like to present . . . . . . Juliana's Story.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our First Trip To Build a Bear!

I know, I know, we are probably the only people who had never gone to Build a Bear. We had received bears as gifts before but had never had the experience. And I'm not going to lie - it's pretty darn cute.

So we had the pleasure of having lunch with our God daughter Ashley. Her birthday was in April (and unfortunately the day of our Golf for a Cure) so we needed a special birthday treat for her. Ashley had of course been there a time or two so it was nice to have someone show us the ropes.

Here is Ashley getting her bear stuffed!
Here is my little Juliana. I was worried she was going to miss out on all the fun because this is what she was like for about the first 20 minutes. We figured she chose the monkey since she grabbed it and fell back to sleep.
Here is Livi's turn to get her bear stuffed. This is just after she chose a heart for her bear and she was rubbing it to keep it warm.
Here is Juliana's monkey getting stuffed.
Thankfully, just as the monkey got stuffed, Juliana woke up! So here are the three girls with their naked animals.
Juliana loved her little monkey. I think the monkey's legs were as long as Juliana's.
So glad everyone was happy with their choice.
Next step, bath! Ashley had to show us how to operate this "bath". It uses air instead of water to get the fur nice and fluffy. Juju is watching from behind!
Livi's giving it a shot after watching Ashley.
Juju decided enough watching. She was ready to give her little monkey a bath!
More scrubbing. . . . .
and just a little more scrubbing for optimal fluffiness!
And here we are all dressed up. Can you tell that Juliana picked that outfit herself? A girl loves her jogging suits!
Here are Ashley & Jason's dressed bears!
And her is the pack!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fiesta Del Rancho!

This past Saturday was the Fiesta del Rancho which is the annual fundraiser at Spirit Horse Ranch. It was our first year to attend, and despite huge threats of thunderstorms, we had a great afternoon with fantastic weather.

Here is Livi "jumping high to the sky!" This is what she says all the time.
So, against my better judgement, I was convinced to go into the jump tent. I was having a blast but quickly lost my balance. So this kid that was in with us comes up to me as I am fumbling to get up and says, "mam could you do that again, can you get up and jump?" So stupidly I manage to get up and jump again and he yells, "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!" OUCH!
Here is Juju riding a horse. She is such a pro!
Look at that smile! She is a country mouse unfortunately born to two city mice. We're trying Juliana!
Here is the awesome Girl Power Team representing at the Rancho!
Livi getting her face painted. She is so serious!
Then Juju got her face painted - with a Girl Power flower of course!
Now it's Livi's turn to "pony up"

She's a pro too. Juju has taught her a lot!
Daddy & Juju with their shades!
Not to be left out - Livi with her shades.
Uncle Ray & Auntie Julie - with their shades
Aunt Linda & Aunt Gale
Micki, Roger & Juliana
Mmmm. . . Margaritas are yummy!
Risa, Me & Livi
The food was delicious, but I think Juju like the brownies the best!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big State Drug Rocks!!!!

Big State Drug is not only a Brooks' Favorite, but also an Irving landmark. What is Big State Drug, you may be asking. It is of course a drug store, with a full service pharmacy and pretty much anything you would need from cold medicine to ace bandages, but better than that is the old fashioned Soda Fountain and grill. The Brooks' have been coming here since we moved to Irving over 10 years ago. The folks there have become friends to us. In fact, the El Paso family cannot come to Irving and not go to Big State. Actually sometimes they come several times during their visit.

So, having said all of that, it wasn't surprising at all that Big State stepped it up and planted a Garden of Hope! Actually they are so supportive that they actually became part of the Garden of Hope! This is Cheryl and Leland. Cheryl is the best waitress and Leland is the greatest cook (If you are in Irving in the winter you have GOT to try his Chili! It is amazing!!!!)

Thank you so much Big State. It is really good to know there are businesses like you out there! Every dollar means one step closer to a cure! You rock - and we'll see you on Saturday for our usual Saturday "lunch at the Drug Store"!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Identity Crisis

So while Uncle Ray and Aunt Julie were entertaining the girls, they came upon a puppet that we have of McGruff the Crime dog (Take a Bite out of Crime!) As it turns out, this retired McGruff doesn't mind dressing like a princess, or a cat for that matter. Here are just a few clips of the performance. He kept us laughing for quite some time. The best part is that Olivia really thought he was real. When she saw him this morning she lifted up his lifeless body and said, "Wake up McGruff! Meoooow!!!!!!!!!!!"

Adventures in Babysitting Olivia!

So the last couple of times that Nino Ray and Nina Julie have come over, Olivia wants to go home with them. Like she's literally cried at the door because she wants to go so bad but each time it has been a school night or something so she hasn't been able to go. So Nino and Nina invited her over this past weekend. And although we'd like to say that we enjoyed the free time or something like that, I have to admit we REALLY REALLY missed her. Anyway, I am very glad to say she didn't miss us. She had a blast and here are the pictures to prove it!

Here she is waking up.
Good Morning!
Here she is eating breakfast with Lamby at Main Street Bistro.
Here she is reading with Nino at the library.
A little snack before they hit the festival. Nina Julie has been going to Cottonwood Arts Festival since she was a little girl. So she decided to start a new tradition with Olivia.

Here is a little Yorkie puppy that she just couldn't live without! Better give that puppy back - I don't think you have enough in your piggy bank for him. All she wants is a dog that won't growl at her the way Casey does.
Then they went to the pond to feed some geese.

Here is a video of her feeding herself and the geese some popcorn. Nino Ray, 5 second rule does not count! Thanks for looking out for her Nina Julie!

At the park

Not sure what these were but they sure look fun and colorful. I keep asking Livi what they were (did you climb them, did you swing on them, did you tie die some blankets) but she just says "Yeah".

I don't really think she knew what to do with them either.
Then after a full day of festival, Jason's Deli and boy was she thirsty!
That's better. Stick with the juice!