Tuesday, April 8, 2014

14 Years!

I can't believe we have passed the 14 year mark (actually 19 years since we started dating!)  So my sweet dear husband decided to surprise me this morning with a scavenger hunt/word scramble (Which by the way is totally his MO, it's how he asked me to marry him, but that's another story for another day).  So after he left for work he revealed the clues, which led me to an envelope full of cut up letters that I was supposed to unscramble.

This is what I got.  Umm. . . hello!  I have always sucked terribly at games like hangman and Wheel of Fortune.  This is hopeless!
 Okay, let me give this a try.  How about this?
 Because who doesn't need 3 day protection on a corky tree?  Next:
 Yes, I'm aware it's misspelled, but who couldn't use a terra cotta bed?  Next:
 That would be a treat right?  Either roasted or a nice little cup of elote with all the fixin's.  Next:
 I was excited about a better corner patio rock! Next..........
Yes Ma'am - You know it!  We are going to see Katy Perry!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mr. Troy

That is Mr. Troy Aikman to you!  That's right.  THE-MR. TROY AIKMAN was dining just tables away from us at Chuy's in Dallas!  Hard to believe, I know.  Couple that with my fearless 6 year old Olivia and this is what you get:

 So we explained who this legend was.  And she watches football occasionally.  And we kept asking her "Are you sure you know who we are talking about?"  I just kept visioning her going up to a nobody stranger and getting embarrassed.  So as to make no confusion, she drew the following picture of him to make sure we were all on the same page.
So she marched right up to the man and said "Excuse me Mr. Troy but I am a really big fan of you!  I wanted to give you some cards of my sister. (yes purple cards!)  Then after a few seconds of awkward silence we asked for the picture.

Roger on the other hand is not that brave, and decided to just let him photo-bomb.

So thank you Mr. Troy for being so kind to one of your youngest fans.  She later decided he was kind of cute!

Friday, March 28, 2014


So, I'm not complaining, but sometimes our life gets a little rough.  Sometimes a little sticky.  Mostly it revolves around my own guilt.  Guilt about not being able to clone myself and do all the things that I do for Juliana, for Olivia.  I know, it sounds stupid.  I do those things for Juliana simply because she can't.  And I know that Olivia is fully capable of doing all those things like dressing herself, brushing her own teeth, putting herself to bed, feed herself but to a 6 year old, it's not always clear.  Sometimes she cries and says, "Mommy, why can't you get me dressed?" or "Mommy why can't you rock me to bed, Juliana is older than me!  I'm littler than her, so why can't you rock me?"  And of course I could if I could (a) clone myself or (b)have all the time in the world, but in our crazy busy life I don't have either of those luxuries.  And yes, I know that I should teach her that fair doesn't mean the same.  And that Juliana NEEDS us to do those things and she can do them herself, yada yada yada.  But the truth is that it breaks my heart and I go to bed often crying about it, wondering if she is going to end up in therapy over this childhood of hers, or grow up resenting me or Juliana.  In other words sometimes obsessing over it.

But this past weekend a very wise friend came to visit (thank you Penelope) and as we were talking late into the night this topic came up.  I explained all of the above to her and how horrible it felt when she said those things, and you know what she said?  She said "That's awesome!"  And I said, "Excuse me?  I just poured out my guts and you say That's awesome?  What is awesome about my little girl feeling second all the time?"  And her response, "That's awesome that Olivia sees her and Juliana as equals.  She doesn't feel sorry for her or treat her differently.  She sees her sister as the same as her and therefore wants the same treatment as her.  If she felt sorry for her or looked at her like less, she would understand and say, "Yes mommy, go to Juliana, she needs you more than I do" but because she sees her as a strong little girl, just like herself, she expects the same treatment."  Wow!  That was mind-blowing.  I never thought of it that way, but it's so true.  Thank God! and Thanks Penelope for helping me see that.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Possibly one of the greatest inventions in my lifetime.

Full Circle

 So funny story.  A long, long time ago, in a far away land (Rhode Island), I worked for one of my favorite bosses to date.  I was working as an H.R. Assistant and Ed Burke was my boss.  (I learned so much and laughed so hard during my time there).  So occasionally I would babysit for his adorable two daughters and son.  They must have all been under four years of age at the time and Robin and I would watch them do River dance while we watched them.

So fast forward about 20 years.  That little River Dancing little girl Kaylen moves to Dallas and we have the privilege of meeting her for dinner.  We hit it off great.  The girls loved her and now she is helping us out with Golf for a Cure!  Kaylen you rock! and we are so glad we got to meet you!  Here's to many more dates in the near future (Liv is still going to hold you to coming over!)

Happy Birthday Linds

Happy Birthday Friend!  So glad to have you in our lives.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well although this wasn't what you would think of as a typical "Spring Break Trip", it was quite an adventure, thanks to my creative adventurous girls.  So without even leaving the metroplex we managed to attend a daycare reunion, lost a tooth, got a visit from the tooth fairy, traveled to Egypt to explore ancient tombs, work at a grocery store as a cashier, broke records on a swing set, rode bikes, rode scooters, made a school bus (out of  a cardboard box), made treasure maps, used treasure maps to successfully find treasures, and even had a few "netflix" days.  All in all an amazing week and probably the best spring break the girls have ever had.