Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Overwhelmed with Life

2018 here we are. I told myself this year was the year that I was bringing back he blog. Why?? Because we are living this incredible life with so much going on that we sometimes forget specials moments that seem small at the time but are actually very big! I feel like we’ve missed out on so many huge and tiny adventures the last couple of years that will most likely end up lost on my terrible memory. Last year was our year of travel. Would have been a great one to blog about. We went to Spokane Washington with our dear friends Jenn and Ali, we went to Hot Springs, AK, the girls went to camp for the first time ever and we got to go to Hawaii on Juliana’s Make-A-Wish trip. So I refuse to miss out on another year. 2018 has already been a doozy. We ended last year with the news of my dad’s cancer. It was a tough getting that news but the good news is tray he’s fighting it and going along with all treatments. Then on January 10th, Juliana has spinal fusion surgery. It was a 9 hour procedure and the longest day of my life. As always she pulled through like a champ but it hasn’t been easy. Not on her. The recovery is brutal. She ended up with 24 screws and two rods. An incision going from the back of her neck to her bottom. No. Not an easy recover. It’s been hard on Olivia who has had to take be second in a lot of ways. She has had to be ridiculously patient with us all while also handing her own stress and anxiety about her sisters surgery. So I’ve tried to take some time for her. Just cooking dinner together or putting her to bed. Tonight at bed she asked me “mommy, do you sometimes get overwhelmed with life!” Umm, yeah. Every flipping day of my life. I answer, “sure. Everybody does sometimes. What do you get overwhelmed about?” Her answer.....”Just how fast everything is happening. Like soon Juj will go to middle school, then I will, then we’ll be in high school and college, and then we’ll just be out in the big world and all ‘this’ will be over. “ I want to scream “GET OUT OF MY HEAD KID!” She is such an old soul. I hugged her tight and enjoyed the moment. Don’t grow up too fast my little mouse. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Letters to Santa

Olivia had her Christmas list ready about a week ago.  She's been chomping at the bit to get it out to Santa. Her list included Flipeez (ridiculous winter hats you can only buy at Walgreens), Mooshka doll, doll stroller, shopping cart, a cash register and scanner.  

So I told Juliana that we needed to get busy and write her letter so we could get them in the mail.  Without missing a beat, she tells me on her computer, "That is too hard.  I need help.  How many?  That is too hard."  I told her we would work on it together but I needed her to start thinking of something she would like.  

So coincidentally, the next day, guess what her school team decided to work on.  So they started it off as a shared writing.  They asked her, "How do you want to start it out?  Have you been good? etc" So they wrote this part together.  Then they gave her the sentence starter "I want a _____" and then using her alphabet flip book, she spelled C-A-R.  They asked her if she was done, thinking that she couldn't possibly be spelling car, right?  Maybe she meant C-A-R-D-S, like goldfish or something.  She responded with a nod - yes.  So then they asked her if she wanted a small car, a minnie mouse car, a remote control car - to all of which she responded NO.  So then Mrs. Broome (OT) asked, "OH! Do you want a power wheels so you and Olivia can go riding around?" to which she smiled and nodded a huge YES!
 I'm really hoping Santa has it in the budget to get this girl a car.  She has been a VERY GOOD GIRL!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Team Juliana Up-Cycled

So I have been hoarding a few t-shirts for several years now.  Most of them were our original "TEAM JULIANA" Shirts.  We had these shirts made shortly after we got Juliana's diagnoses and was really the spearhead that brought us out of depression and into action.  We assembled a team of close friends and family that were all feeling helpless with Juliana's diagnoses and TEAM Juliana was born.  We wore these shirts at all our fundraisers and they became sort of like our uniform.  Well eventually the girls outgrew the shirts and ours became worn out, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them.  They had TEAM JULIANA on them and it just felt sacrilegious to throw them out or donate them.  So they sat for years in the corner of my room in a paper sack, all the while knowing I would find something great to do with them.  

Then, fast forward about 5 years, we meet Claire Oliver, our new assistant principal and basically jack of all trades.  The woman is amazing, she does iron man triathlons for crying out loud and in her spare time apparently she sews.  So saying all that, Claire created this beautiful blanket out of all of my Girl Power inspired t-shirts.  It will keep us warm both on the outside as well as my heart!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards

So for our second day of touring the metroplex we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Started off with some amazing barbecue - which I am not a huge barbecue fan, but this was good stuff!  And although we have lived in the metroplex for about 15 years, this was the first time I have seen the steers parade through town.  It was kind of funny because I think secretly in my head I thought it was going to be more of a stampede, or like the running of the bulls in Spain, but it's a really tame stroll through town.  

From there we headed to Southlake for a little shopping and walking.  And what you see below is the dental session we had in the middle of Southlake Town Square.  So here's the backstory.  Juliana had lost a tooth that morning and not to be outdone by her sister Olivia was bound and determined to lose one too.  I told her early on that hers wasn't ready, but she insisted.  So all day we have been hearing about this tooth and finally Norma convinces Olivia to let her take a look, because she's ready for this, right.  Wrong, Norma pushes on the tooth (which wasn't ready, but is now ready) Olivia freaks out and starts crying.  So now, 3 days later, the tooth is still in her mouth hanging on by a thread, but she insists she will not force it out.  She will let it come out when it's ready.  Sage advice.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Big D

So, since this was Norma's first time to Dallas, we decided to show her around.  First stop, Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas.  We LOVE this park for several reasons, cool dog park, games and books you can check out for free and food trucks!  So much fun.

 So after the park and lunch, we stopped by the house for just a second to let everyone potty before the next adventure.  I took this picture of me and Juliana because she was having a blast this day.  This kid loves to be out on the town.  A bad day for her is a day she has to stay home all day.  She is definitely my daughter!

So the next stop was the Texas Christkindl Market in Arlington.  We were so ready to get our German  on!

This is someone important in German folklore, which I vaguely remember Tante Monika telling us about, but can't seem to recall the story right now.  
 And here is Norma and Eddie.
 Being that we were in a German mood, we decided to try out something new at a restaurant called Everything German.  This place is AMAZING!!!!  Very authentic German food and complete with the sweetest accordion player.  The girls loved him and he continued to play for just the girls for the majority of our time there.

 And I had this tasty beverage.  A Leibinger Seeradler, which is basically a beer with grapefruit soda. Delicious!
 And then with full bellies, we made it home for movie night!  Tonight's selection - Nanny McPhee!
 Liv had to draw a poster for the movie

Thursday, November 27, 2014


So here we are, already at Thanksgiving 2014.  And although it was a fantastic Thanksgiving, it was a picture FAIL.  Why?  Because these are the only 2 pictures we took the entire day.  At least I thought to get a picture of my big girls.  And no, Juliana is not THAT small.  It's just the way we took the picture, another picture FAIL!  And who are we missing?  Well, for starters, Daddy.  He was probably cooking the amazing dinner, that we also failed to photograph.  Also missing was Uncle Eddie and Norma, Aunt Teresa and Dylan and Uncle Ray.
 And this was a very cute, last minute Pinterest centerpiece that Olivia and Aunt Teresa threw together.  Great idea guys!

Monday, November 24, 2014

First Sleepover EVER!

So this happened.  What started as a movie date, turned into a playdate and eventually turned into a sleepover.  What a great time!  Faith is the girls best friend whom they have known since birth pretty much.  She is a really good friend to both girls and we were so glad to have her over.  I'm always a little sensitive and worried that Juliana will feel left out.  And then to top it off, Juliana conked out early, so she missed the movie.  So I tell the girls, if you want you can sleep in the playroom or on another bed, since Juliana is already asleep.  Without skipping a beat, both girls replied, "No!  We have to sleep with Juj!  How will she feel if she wakes up and we aren't there with her?  We have to!" So we piled in the girls with Juliana for a good nights sleep, but the giggles continued!  What good memories.  I'm so thankful that they include Juliana and let her be a part of things in her own way.