Saturday, November 30, 2013

Royal Caribbean Cruise 2013

A look back at our second Royal Caribbean Cruise with our family.

This girl is awesome.  The second we reached our room she just had to get out on the balcony and journal about our journey.
 Some more journaling  a little later.

 Exploring the ship

 It was kind of windy

 Dinner the first night

 The show the first night.  It was a stand-up comedian.  The funny thing is that you can't be all that funny when your audience is full of German speakers who don't understand a word of what you're saying.
 Day 2 - At sea.  Still a little windy and still not all that warm
 Hold on tight!
 Me and Juj relaxing on our balcony.  No sun:(
 But a pretty view

 Checking out the deck but Omi doesn't like this wind

 Alfons found a less windy spot to catch a nap

 And Monika and Olivia taking a swim in the frigid waters of the pool.  Too cold for me!
 Let's try some sun bathing instead.
 And there is the Benavides Crew

 Me and Juj enjoying some "sun bathing" if you can call it that.  Maybe overcast bathing would be more accurate.

 Love this little cutie!

 So fancy
Beautiful sunset

 Day 3 - Jamaica-Me-Crazy
 This was great because this was our first (and subsequently last) very warm day of sun.  It was perfect. And when in Rome. . . . Olivia got her hair did.

 Great day!  My favorite.  So blessed to call all of these people family

 Some shots on the way back to the ship.  It is so green!
 All of jammed into a van.  Great times
 Complete with Red Stripe in hand

 Dinner time
 I guess someone enjoyed the beach and sun

 Day 4 we were supposed to stop at the Grand Cayman Islands, but weather and waves would not allow us to dock.  So back at sea.  Nothing much other than lots of wind and lots of staying inside and eating.  So here we are at dinner again!
 All of us trying out the table tricks that our waiter taught us.  This one was blowing a can into a cup using no hands.

 Wait look who we found.  A very sweaty and skinny Santa

 Party at the Promenade!

 Day 5 - Mexico!  We were able to get off the ship, but unfortunately waves were too rough and beaches were closed for swimming.
 So we headed to Margaritaville

 Me and my little love

 Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Night - theme for the night - Mustaches

 Go ahead Liv - kick back that glass of wine;) So then began Liv's Thanksgiving activity.  Everyone was required to trace their hand on a paper and make it into a turkey.
 She helped Juliana

 Happy Anniversary

 So we decided the men should wear their staches to dinner

 And our head waiter joined in as well.

 Someone was worn out!
 Day 6 - At sea.  Another cold and windy day at sea.  So what do we do?  More eating.  How about Johnny Rockets for a change.

 And then as we were heading out to attempt the hot tub, guess who we ran into!!!!  And he was staying right across the hall from us.  I guess he was taking a little vacay before his big night

 Then after the hot tub someone just wanted to veg and watch her stories.
 That night all the Christmas decorations were up

 This was the lighting of the Christmas Tree Ceremony

 This was Jose - our wonderful waiter that sang every night to us (Olivia - me amore!), showed us tricks and kept us entertained

And after the fiasco of getting off the ship, here we are at our last good bye at the McDonalds.