Monday, September 27, 2010

Toast for a Cure!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Juliana Turns 4 - Take Two!

This past Saturday was Juliana's second and final celebration of her fourth birthday. Olivia was so excited to help "make surprises" for Juliana. It was very sweet. You can imagine how excited she was to fill all the goody bags!
We were lucky to have the most amazing weather. It was around 96, and while that may sound hot to some of you, compared to the 110 degree weather we had a few weeks ago, 96 feels like heaven.
Here is Juliana catching up with Mrs. West

You wouldn't believe the difference in the temperature of the water. It was freezing, but not too cold for the kids and Mrs. West. Click here to see Mrs. West Cannon Ball!

Happy Birthday Juliana! I can't believe my sweet little baby is already 4! And on a side note, the lady that Olivia is sitting on is Roger's friend's mother-in-law; whom Olivia had never met before she sat on her lap with a we bathing suit. I guess she just thought she looked like a grandmother. Thankfully she didn't mind.
Yummy Cupcake Cake - the best invention ever!
Allison, Nora & Abigail
My big girl just hangin' out!

Present Time!

Lot's of cute outfits!
I guess Baggi really like that one!
Livi really enjoyed helping!
This is a puppy from Nora. Funny story about this puppy is that her Nina Laura bought her the first version of this dog back when Juliana was about 3 months old. To say she loved that dog would be an understatement. Well, as time passed, the dog got a bit dirty and who am I kidding, we just got so tired of this dog who would play his little tunes whenever he wanted without even being prompted. So the dog ran out of batteries and he went into a "permanent retirement". So you can imagine her excitement when she opened the pink version of this new and improved little dog. I think she plays double the songs and even has a light up heart. So, thank you Nora, this might have been her favorite gift; and I'm sure the songs will be a nice addition to the soundtrack of my life, along with Mickey Mouse music.
So the next day, which was actually Juliana's real birthday we went to eat at Twisted Root with Aunt Teresa, Dylan, Uncle Ray and Aunt Julie. Livi was making bad choices so I had to remind her to "change her attitude".
Looks like she got the message
Daddy and the birthday girl.

And after Twisted Root, Juliana asked to go to Costco and Lowe's. She loves to go shopping. And like any good responsible parents we decided to take cute pictures by placing our new light fixtures on their ears.
It was hilarious!

I love these girls! They just grow up too fast!

1 Roger + 1 Roger = 1 Opi

1 Roger + 1 Roger = 1 Opi. This was the equation for this years birthday celebration. Opi's birthday is August 29th and Roger's birthday is August 30th. We won't divulge their ages but this year Roger was exactly one half of Opi's age.

Happy Birthday Opi!
Happy Birthday Roger!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This was the day we had all been waiting for . . . Olivia's Dance Recital!

Olivia getting her make up on. This has been her dream come true!

Here she is all done up!

Getting ready for the show!!!!!
Single Ladies . . .

Click here for the video!

After the first performance. I think they enjoyed it!

Great Balls of Fire. . .

Click here for that video!
This was one of a helper back stage and I do believe Olivia thought she was a real live Barbie.
This was the Thriller dance. Click here to see that dance!

Curtain Call - Click Here!
Check out Livi signing autographs!

Juliana Turns 4 - Take one!

This was Juliana's early birthday with the family. Since we have had a Mickey Mouse theme for the past 3 years, I tried to talk her into something different. The only thing she would go for was a Minnie Mouse party. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found this adorable Minnie Mouse dress at the Disney Store.
Unfortunately, Juliana is not a fan of dresses. She much prefers shorts and a t-shirt or a jogging suit. This picture was taken seconds before she puked all over her Minnie Mouse dress. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she officially hated her dress so much it made her puke!
Here are Linda & Don Adams (our ex-neighbors who we miss so much!)
Omi & Uncle Danny! Click here to see Omi on the swing!
Olivia with her Nina Julie
Linda, Efrain & Dora
Here is a much more comfortable Juliana hanging with the girls and watching her Mickey Mouse. This is her idea of a great birthday!
This is her amazing cake that Uncle Ray & Aunt Julie got for her. And yes, once again, it tasted as good as it looked! The top layer was strawberry cake (with real strawberries) and the bottom was white cake with white chocolate mousse. Yummy!
Of course Juliana had to taste test first!
Time to open gifts. Wait, why are Olivia and I way more excited than Juliana is?
This was her favorite card because it played her favorite song! Thanks Julie.
And unfortunately this is Olivia seconds later digging for gold.
Holla - Juliana is taking us shopping!
All done!
This is a Cinderella dress from Aunt Linda. Of course, not to be out done, Olivia ran to get her dress too.
Livi's got some sass!
After a long but fun day, Omi and Juju catch a nap.