Friday, February 28, 2014

What's Good for the Goose. . . .

This kid is unbelievable. So we've been using a sticker chart for behavior and I just noticed that she decided my cooking needed a sticker chart and apparently I'm not doing too good:(

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Race Weekend!

So one of the best parts of getting to come to Florida was rooming with Tina Walton and Niki Tebbe. And as promised Tina brought her pajama jeans just for us!
Next morning we headed for the expo to spread awareness and sell some mercy!

And here is my superhero!

That night was the team dinner - Hey Trester Family!

Working the registration table
Tina and I with our girls
And then to our surprise, the five of us get called up to the front - Soojung, me, Tina, Niki and Allison.  We had no idea what this was about.
They had special jackets made for us because we are the only 5 who have run all three years that GP2C has been at the Disney Princess Race
A little Flower Power
And our superhero leader - Ingrid along with all the ladies that serve on the Mother's Advisory Board
Love these ladies - just wish they lived closer!
So if I hadn't mentioned it before, this was a Glass Slipper Challenge, which meant that we ran a 10K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday.  So this was the morning of the 10K
Roomies again!
Go Team!

At the start!
This was at around the first mile.  You can't see it very well because I couldn't stop but it is Elsa from Frozen and it was actually snowing, or soaping.
Finishing up at Epcot

One race down, one more to go!
For my girl

And then it was time for the Half.  Here we go, ready or not.  I woke up feeling much more sore than I was expecting and more nervous than ever.  But the mantra of the weekend, "If Juliana can endure what she endures EVERY SINGLE DAY, surely I can do 19 miles in two days!"
Here we go!
Tanis and I
Niki, Amy and I - I was really excited to meet Amy this year since she always made me laugh with all her posts on FB

Fabulous Four!

Well we are not hard to miss!
AHHH!!! The Start!
Midway at the Castle

And these were some pictures taken from Disney that you can purchase.  They were awesome, only notice how they say PROOF across them.  Wanna know why?  Because in order to purchase them you must pay one million dollars plus your first born and I couldn't give Juj up, especially since i had just run for her.  So deal with the PROOF.

Come on - almost to the end!

And done!  So proud!

Interview after the run.

And it was really nice to know that my team was cheering me on from home!
Just part of our group
And from there we ran back to the hotel to peel off our clothes, shower and make a dash to the airport.

For celebratory drinks of course
 And then it was time for us to part and all make our way back home.  I'm really thankful to have these ladies in my life.  Even if it is my virtual life for most of the time.
And suddenly I'm back in "Big D"
And then this became my new best friend
All for my hero!