Friday, August 28, 2009

Lee Britain Elementary has Girl Power!!!

Check out all the Girl Power at Lee Britain Elementary School. Our principal allowed us to wear our shirts today so we were able to teach some kids about Girl Power 2 Cure! Can't wait for April for Dress Up 2 Cure.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Day of School!

Well, we survived the first day of school! Yeah!!! Only 179 more to go! We can do it gang! Unfortunately we broke the tradition this year of taking a team first day picture, but here are a few we did get.

Here is Lindsay getting down with some Cheezits! Don't blame her . . . Baby Tanner demands them!

This was our first attempt at a picture. It looks bad at first glance but this is actually what the first day felt like - One big blur.

This is much better. This is half our First Grade Team in front of Lindsay's beautiful board. It's kind of weird that we all wore black. Hmmm. . . what are we mourning? Oh yeah, our freedom and summer! Ha ha!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Gale!!!!!

Last night we went to a surprise party for our dear friend Gale. It was so much fun! Here we are waiting for Gale and Amy to arrive!

My Pretty Girls!

That's Lindsay and Crazy Chuy!

Lisa & Dora

The Big Moment!
Shock & Disbelief

This was Olivia's new trick. She got the lacy lining of her dress
and put it over her face like a burglar!
No party's complete without a Mexican Sombrero!
And this by the way is Amy who just recently received her Driver's Licence!
Look out - here she comes!
I think she still doesn't believe this is happening!
Me & Juliana
Roger & Olivia. Can you guess who is ready to go home?
Here is Kolton and Karley
Kolton & Dora
Karley & Olivia - Again can you guess who is ready for bed?
Happy 40th Birthday Mash! You truly are a Rock Star and we are so blessed to have you as a friend. Hope you had a great day and many more to come!

Ingrid in da House!!!!!

This past Tuesday we had the pleasure of having Ingrid Harding stay at our house. Yes, I said Ingrid Harding - Founder of Girl Power 2 Cure!!! Can you believe it? She was here in Texas on business and we were so grateful that she fit us in. Naturally we had the Dream Team over to meet her too. I think we all felt so inspired after talking to her. The woman has more ideas and energy than you can imagine and it's very contagious. Thanks Ingrid for a great visit. Looking forward to working with you and finding a CURE!!!!!

First Day Back at School (Well Almost)

Summer is officially over and this past week started us back into our routine. The girls started back at Mrs. West's house and I started back at school. Juliana will be starting "real" school as soon as she turns 3 for half a day. Of course I'm a nervous mommy and dreading the first day we have to put her on a bus. But I'm sure Juliana will have a blast and learn all kinds of wonderful things.

This is her new "bus approved" stroller. It is awesome and has an amazing table attachment. Of course we added some Mickey Mouse and I think she really like it!

Here are Juju and daddy getting ready to leave in the morning. Does she look happy or what?

And here is Livi that same morning. Trust me, she was totally excited to go to Mrs. West, however she has entered a new stage where she HATES being photographed. So this is the result.

More to come on Juju's "Real" first day of school!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The following blog is not for the faint of heart. The scenes you are about to see should not be attempted by amateurs. Leave this to work of professionals. Allow me to introduce you to . . . The Hornet Hunter. Specially trained to eradicate any type of flying insect with the help of his trusty assistant . . . The Wasp Whisperer.

Special Hornet Hunter gears to prevent stingage . . .

Here he goes ladies and gentlemen . . . Do not try this at home!

If you look closely, the Wasp Whisperer is attempting to remove a nest or as the commoners refer to them, the honey comb!

It may seem that the Hornet Hunter is running away in fear, but it's all part of their plan.

You see, the Hornet Hunter acts as a decoy that the wasps will chase leaving the Wasp Whisperer to destroy the "honey comb"

Notice how close the Wasp Whisperer is willing to get to the "honey comb". I repeat, do not try this at home! These are trained professionals!

Hornet Hunter giving his last inspections. Notice the very complex tool used. It is actually a Hornet Zapper disguised to look like a common mop.

Also keep in mind that while it is over 100 degrees outside, the Hornet Hunter still feels it appropriate to have on his full gear.

Look closely at the end of the Hornet Zapper (Mop). That is actually the "Honey Comb" that these brave men were able to destroy!

And as we stood and looked at this great achievement, one song came to all of our minds . . .
Watch it, you know you were singing it too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back From Houston!

Just got back last night from Houston. We were there for our bi-annual visit to Texas Children's Hospital - Blue Bird Circle Rett Center. We had three appointments in two days; one with the neurologist, Dr. Neul, one with the gastroenterologist, Dr. Motil and one with a doctor of physical medicine, Dr. Schwabe. Juliana was a rock star. She was so good and we were able to find out some more useful information to help deal with all the "wonderful" little effects of Rett Syndrome. There is something about being at Texas Children's. It really helps put things in prospective. First of all you see all these adorable children and just feel kind of sad, because they have to be there, for whatever the reason. And then you start to really look at these kids, and so many of them have so many more challenges than my little girl. You know, we surround ourselves daily with the "normal" children and then spend our days crying about everything Juliana "can't" do. Well, for the first time in a long time, I felt so blessed as I looked around and thanked God for all that my little angel CAN do. Although she doesn't talk or walk - she is in there. She can make your heart melt with just a smile, she is potty trained, she is eating so well these days, she is really starting to communicate with her eyes, she gives the best kisses and cuddliest hugs, she is the most patient person I know, she gets excited every time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on, she recognizes her favorite music and best of all she laughs at all my jokes. Who could ask for anything more? She is a truly amazing little person and I feel so proud to be her mom. Sometimes you forget all those wonderful things. I'm glad I was reminded.

Here are my favorite dancing cows at Children's Hospital. I don't know why, but I love them so much!

After some long days of appointments we met up with some good friends at the Grand Lux Cafe.

This is Penelope and Luis and we are very proud to announce that they are the newest members of the Juliana Dream Team and they will be servicing the Houston Area! Go Team!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!

Juliana went Hollywood this past weekend! Yes, it's true, our little living room was transformed complete with lights, cameras and a green screen! What is this for, you might be asking . . . Our good friends Chris and Trina Martin, with CFM Communications graciously offered to help us create a video about Juliana's Journey. We invited our friends and family to come and share their thoughts and feelings as they've each gone down this journey with us. The result was a very fun and emotionally charged day. We want you all to know how much we appreciate your continued support. It is such a blessing to know so many people who love and care for our sweet daughter. A huge huge thanks to Chris, Trina, Loren, and Ian for coming and shooting some amazing footage. As we know this will be an amazing project to help us build awareness and raise funds for Rett Syndrome research! Stay tuned for the final product.

Uncle Ray & Aunt Julie

Our Nephew David

Carol West

Alisa Jackson

Uncle Danny & Aunt Kay

Micki Hill

Gabbi Pacheco

Lindsay Loucks

Gale Marsh

Barbara Valdez