Friday, March 20, 2009

My First Blog!!!!!!!!!

Okay gang - this is my first ever blog. I've never claimed to be a writer or the least bit creative, so if you plan to read this blog please don't come with high expectations. I basically would like to chronicle all the fun and cute things that my amazing daughters do on a daily basis. So here goes:

So, this week we were on spring break. What should have been a very relaxing week for us has been nothing but go go go! On Tuesday, Juliana had a 24 hour Video EEG scheduled. She was such a trooper for the most part but about 11 hours into it, she had enough and we decided to home. So we made it home around 2:30 am. I had about 4 quality hours of sleep when the little angels decided to get up. So the next night I was absolutely ready for some good Zzzz's when Olivia decided to tape a megaphone to her lips and scream bloody murder all night. So I got up with her twice, then Roger took a turn or two. So Roger is finally succeeding at rocking her when our dog/coyote Casey decides she is going to howl at the moon. So after about 5 minutes of howling, I scream "SHUT UP CASEY!!!!" and of course I wake up Olivia. . . . again!!!!!! So I go get her and trip over the garage sale catastropy that was in my living room. Needless to say it was a rough night, so when Juliana woke up again at 7am I was less than thrilled. So as I'm taking her to bed with me I started mocking her saying, "oh poor Juliana crying like a little baby, boo hoo hoo" when all of sudden she starts the most contagious belly laugh. So I kept mocking her and she kept laughing. . . . all into the next day. So here is a video of my little girl "laughing at herself". What a gal!


  1. I love it, thank you Danny and I both laughed so hard with her. Keep up the great work we wanna see more.

  2. I could just watch that all day! So proud of you for making your first post!

  3. Melissa Black and FamilyMarch 25, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    That was GREAT!!! We all were standing around the computer laughing as hard as Juliana! Thanks for sharing. LOVE YOU JULIANA!!
    Uncle Jeff, Aunt Melissa, David and Kayla

  4. So cute! I was laughing as well with you too! She's such an adorable little girl!

  5. This video is priceless.....LOVE the giggles!!

  6. That video is AWESOME. We just watched it about 5 times and Norah cracked up every time. Love it.