Monday, October 12, 2009

The Girls Vacation from Mom & Dad

This past weekend we (Roger & I) had the pleasure of taking a break from everything and going to Houston to visit our friends Luis & Penelope. A HUGE thank you to all who made this possible for us. Shout out to Linda, Barbara, Teresa, Marisa, Gale & Lindsay. We had a great time - mostly because we didn't have to worry about our little ones. In fact, I think they might have had more fun than we did.

Here is Livi eating some grapes with Aunt Teresa in the background.

I think this is the exact moment that Olivia realized that we were gone. Don't worry Livi, you are in great hands!

Having a great time with their friend Risa!

Doesn't she look so big? I think they grew up in the two days we were gone!
Here is Livi riding Kota!

Juju playing some tunes!
Oh my gosh! Livi must be starving - she's eating her toys! Did they feed you? Ha ha!
My baby is not a baby anymore!

Swinging her bear - waiting for mom & dad to get home.

Here I am!
And Daddy too!

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