Monday, November 9, 2009

Country Mouse & City Mouse

Well, we finally were able to start Juliana's therapy at Spirit Horse Therapeutic Center. It is an awesome ranch that provides therapy to all kinds of kids with special needs and they do this at NO cost to the families. They run strictly on donations. They are amazing!

Let me just warn you that there are a lot of pictures, so feel free to scroll, there were just too many to choose from (thanks Hannah!)

Here is Juliana getting acquainted with her horse, Spirit!

This is us brushing Spirit as we put on our best "Country Mouse" face. You would never know this is our first time brushing a horse. Look how hard Olivia is concentrating. She is even curling her tongue.

More tongue curling. . .
Awww, Teamwork makes the Dream work!!!!!

This is us getting so excited because maybe it's almost time to get on the horse!!!!!

Two more City Mice, Marisa & Hannah!
Spirit getting a little excited.
This is Olivia's newest favorite spot to be at any given time of the day. Lucky me!
Get those feet in the stirrups - it's show time!
Olivia doesn't look too happy. I guess she liked latching onto my leg more than Risa's horse back ride.
Look at our girl go!
Watch out for the horse poop!
Does she look happy or what?

Starting our second lap around the trail!

Look how patient, just chilling out, waiting for her turn.
Your turn Olivia!!!!
Can't believe she was actually intimidated by Spirit. Don't get me wrong, but not much startles this little lady.

Ready to go home! There may just be a little Country Mouse in all of us!


  1. I have to say after looking at the great pictures and how much fun you had I just want to go out and buy a couple of horses and maybe a few cows and chickens and live on a farm. Sometimes being a City Mouse is way too fast paced. Glad you guys had a good time.