Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Last Days of Summer:(

So, sadly, I am writing this post on the LAST Friday of my summer vacation. I have had SOOO much fun this summer with my girls. They are growing up way too fast. We had quite a jam packed schedule but I wouldn't have had it any other way. So just to give you a glimpse of the fun we had, here was our schedule this summer.

Monday: Juliana had Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and Speech therapy. Luckily she gets pulled out for therapy at her daycare, or else I would be a taxi running back and fourth. So while Juliana was working hard, Olivia tried her hand at gymnastics. Here she is doing the splits.

Tuesday: This was the day that Juliana went to Aqua therapy. This was new and very fun because Juliana LOVES water. These are her therapist Melanie and Nee Nee. They are wonderful and really worked her out.

Wednesday: This is Juliana's second day of the week for therapy at her daycare. So, while Juliana is working hard at school, Livi has been taking a Jazz/Tap/Ballet class. She has been working very hard for a recital coming up the end of August. I think she's a natural (even though she's a little clumsy)

Thursday: Thursday was nice because it was the only day that we didn't have something scheduled. So it was our day for swimming, or watching 3D movies,

Or riding a bike,

Or having a play date with her friend Faith.
Friday: Friday was one of our favorite days of the week, because Friday is the day we go to music therapy. I think this was one of very few activities that both girls could share and enjoy equally. When we are at therapy it's all about Juliana. And at dance class it's all about Olivia but music class was something they shared and you can't imagine how much both girls enjoyed this class. Thank you so much to Ms. Karen, we are so sad we will not be coming once school starts. Can't wait until next summer!

We will miss you summer time!

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  1. This is great. I love the pictures. What a fun summer you all had for sure.