Sunday, September 5, 2010

San Antonio!!

So for our last little get away before school started we made a little trip to San Antonio. We met up with my family who rode the train from El Paso to San Antonio.

Our first stop. . . Red Robin of course.
Red Robin is Omi's FAVORITE restaurant, so it was only natural that she had to take a picture with Red Robin.
Here we are at Freddy's!

Yes, she loves Freddy's
This was the day that we went to Morgan's Wonderland. It is an amazing amusement park dedicated to special needs families. It just opened this past spring and it's absolutely beautiful.
This is the carousel that we must have ridden half a million times. The secret to that was that we were like one of only two families at the park that day. Literally. Let's just say it was a little bit hot that day.

These were the cars that Juliana drove us around in.
Here we were, you guessed it, eating again.

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