Monday, October 18, 2010

New England Adventure!

The beginning of this month I had the pleasure of going away for a kid free weekend with my good friend Linda to New England. Thanks to my wonderful husband for holding down the fort while we were gone. Unfortunately we didn't take a great deal of pictures other than the time we spent in Boston. So here goes . . . .

This is the U.S.S. Constitution. One of the oldest fully restored ships. It sits in Boston Harbor.

Nice sunset on the harbor
Linda and I on a harbor tour.
This is the location where the Constitution was first read in public. Forgot the name of the building but still pretty cool.
We couldn't leave without seeing Cheers!
We got on this amazing trolley tour that should have been 45 minutes and turned into 2 hours. He took us to so many places that were not on the tour. One of which was Fenway Park while they are playing the Yankees. Pretty cool!

This is a Holocaust Memorial that sits at the entrance to Faneuil Hall. It consists of this stone at the beginning and a series of glass towers that represents each of the concentration camps. Inscribed on the glass is quotes from people that survived it as well as the numbers of all the people that lost their life there. It was a very moving tribute to the millions of people that lost their life during a horrible time in history.

This was our last day. We decided to go whale watching before catching our flight home. You cannot imagine how cold and how turbulent the water was. We were definitely not ready for that!
This is how cold it was!

Beautiful scene as we headed out to sea
A little town off the Cape
Here is Linda - Queen of the World!
And of course, not to be out done - Me!
A beautiful light house!
So to see the amazing footage we captured click here to see "Linda & Kristy's Excellent Whale Adventure!"

The following pictures were captured that day by a professional photographer on board the ship.


  1. Love all the pictures! Takes me back to a wonderful vacay. I got a little seasick looking at the whale pictures, ugh!

  2. I know you guys had so much fun. The pictures are really good. Those are some pretty big whales for sure...