Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olivia says. . . . . . . .

I have been saying for some time that I really need to start writing down all the things that my dear Olivia says to me on a daily basis.  I need some form of record of all the things she says that I never imagined a 3 year old would say.  So here goes - and please pray for me, if this is what 3 is I can't imagine what the teen age years will bring:

- So it starts early in the morning.  We are heading to school and I'm trying every angle to make some conversation.  I start off positive about how it's going to be a great day and I hope she learns lots today and doesn't get any time out.  No response.  Okay, let's try something else.  Did you sleep well, did you dream about anything. Nothing.  On my third attempt she ever so politely looked over and said, "Mommy, how 'bout we just be quiet and look at the beautiful things outside"  I guess I should be glad she didn't just say MOM Shut Up!
- After school we stop by the grocery store.  As we are waiting in the check out line she screams "Mommy, Mommy - we have that movie!" Ok I say, figuring that it is some Disney movie.  But she insists "Look Mommy Look - we have it!"  So I finally look and it's the People Magazine with the Royal wedding.  How funny - she thought it was a movie.
- At the same check out she discovered the candy display and we had this exchange:
O - Can I have this candy?
Me - No. We have enough candy at home.
O - Oh. What's this?
Me - Twizzlers.
O - Can I have it?
Me - No.
O - What's this?
Me - Gum.
O - Gum that tastes like cake? (that Strawberry Shortcake Extra Gum)
Me - Yes
O - Can I have it?
Me - No. Gum is not for little girls
O - Why?
Me - Gum is only for grown ups.
O - Oh. Well, when I'm a Mommy, you will be a Grandma.  And you will ask ME for gum.  And I will buy it for you because I'm nice.
Wow!  Well at least I can rest assured that I will have gum in my golden years.
- On our way home, out of the clear blue sky she says, "Mommy, when something is wrong I always tell God, and God just tells me "It's okay Olivia, it's going to be ok and I will make a note of it."  I asked her to please repeat that and yes, you heard correctly, God will make a note of your hardships and it will be ok.
- She asked me to play with her antique Fisher Price Little People collection today after dinner.  I love this collection mostly because it was mine when I was a kid.  So anyway, I just found it absolutely adorable that she decided that Roger and I would be living with my mom and dad.  When I asked her where she would live she said, "Me and Juliana are living in this house with Auntie Laura and Uncle Gary."  So get ready Laura and Gary because apparently the girls are moving in with you at some point!

Love that girl!  And finally, I leave you with this picture.  I decided to cut the footies off of her footie pajamas.  Partly because the weather is getting warmer but mostly because they have become a little snug on her.  Ok, who am I kidding they were a lot too snug for her.


  1. Very cute. It looks like you sewed and made her little pj shoes to match. Very cute pose. Go Livi.....

  2. The picture reminds me of Molly Shannon where she says "I'm Fifty!"

  3. I LOVE Olivia!!! She is so so sweet! Thank you for sharing her!!! :)