Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Day Ever

So, this year has changed our lives.  Being in the a general ed kindergarten classroom has made all the difference in the world.  Every day has not been perfect, but now we have a taste of what it could feel like.  One of the biggest differences this year, in addition to the age appropriate curriculum and all that she is learning and her wonderful teachers, what has really made the difference for this little 6 year old girl is her friends.  She has girl friends this year and it makes my heart so so happy to see her around them and how much they love her.  So we decided to schedule a play date.  You know something outside of school, maybe lunch and bowling.  We invited 6 girls and then we waited. I hadn't gotten any responses and was starting to panic.  What if no one can come, after I built it up so much for her and she was so looking forward to it.  But then, in the eleventh hour, her friend A came through.  We picked her up and headed to ITZ (a pizza/bowling/video arcade).  And we had a blast.  We met up with Olivia's friend Faith.  Started off with a little pizza.  This is her friend A interacting with Juliana on her computer.
 Then we were off to bowling.
Juliana was up first

 There goes Liv.  She wanted to try with the ramp first.
 Taking a bestie break while the rest take their turn at bowling.
 Second time around Olivia decided ramps were for suckers and she barreled down the lane full for and literally chucked the ball down the lane. 
 Although it would appear that the ball was traveling at high velocity, for some reason the second it hit the lane it actually decelerated at an astonishing rate and then required us to stare at her ball as it trickled down the lane for what seemed like an eternity. 

 Is this the cutest quartet or what?

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