Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun Fair @ CDC

Another last at Children's Discover Center.  This is Olivia's last Fun Fair at CDC.  It is their end of year celebration and I love it because all the activities at the fair cost money.  But not real money, it cost CDC Money!  And you earn CDC money by behaving, being kind and working hard in class.  So proud of my girl, she had a wallet-full! 

Here is the basketball toss.
 Jumping tent

 It was a Livi/Daddy day!  I'm not gonna lie.  I was kind of jealous, but completely out of personal days, so I was glad Daddy could go and that he got to experience the fun.
 Clown toss

 And this my friends was the best part of fun fair.  Olivia Kristene Brooks, daughter of Roger and Kristy Brooks, won the running race.  She beat all the girls in her classroom.  I don't know how she pulled this one off but we couldn't be prouder.

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