Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Overwhelmed with Life

2018 here we are. I told myself this year was the year that I was bringing back he blog. Why?? Because we are living this incredible life with so much going on that we sometimes forget specials moments that seem small at the time but are actually very big! I feel like we’ve missed out on so many huge and tiny adventures the last couple of years that will most likely end up lost on my terrible memory. Last year was our year of travel. Would have been a great one to blog about. We went to Spokane Washington with our dear friends Jenn and Ali, we went to Hot Springs, AK, the girls went to camp for the first time ever and we got to go to Hawaii on Juliana’s Make-A-Wish trip. So I refuse to miss out on another year. 2018 has already been a doozy. We ended last year with the news of my dad’s cancer. It was a tough getting that news but the good news is tray he’s fighting it and going along with all treatments. Then on January 10th, Juliana has spinal fusion surgery. It was a 9 hour procedure and the longest day of my life. As always she pulled through like a champ but it hasn’t been easy. Not on her. The recovery is brutal. She ended up with 24 screws and two rods. An incision going from the back of her neck to her bottom. No. Not an easy recover. It’s been hard on Olivia who has had to take be second in a lot of ways. She has had to be ridiculously patient with us all while also handing her own stress and anxiety about her sisters surgery. So I’ve tried to take some time for her. Just cooking dinner together or putting her to bed. Tonight at bed she asked me “mommy, do you sometimes get overwhelmed with life!” Umm, yeah. Every flipping day of my life. I answer, “sure. Everybody does sometimes. What do you get overwhelmed about?” Her answer.....”Just how fast everything is happening. Like soon Juj will go to middle school, then I will, then we’ll be in high school and college, and then we’ll just be out in the big world and all ‘this’ will be over. “ I want to scream “GET OUT OF MY HEAD KID!” She is such an old soul. I hugged her tight and enjoyed the moment. Don’t grow up too fast my little mouse. 

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