Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Huge Thanks to AMBUCS!

Just wanted to send another big thank you to the wonderful people from the Irving Chapter of AMBUCS. Mr. Silver returned to oblige our younger daughter Olivia with a tandem seat! Juliana will have to work extra hard to pedal for them both (but I don't think she minds.)

Let's take this bad boy out for a spin!

Thank you so much AMBUCS! You have made my little girls very happy! (Livi is happy. . . don't judge by her face, she's just used to being in the driver's seat.)


  1. HOW AWESOME!! I love it, the girls will have so much fun :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see the girls ride in person!

  3. How cute they look. How great to get this just in time for the summer. They are going to be the cutest kids on the block. Way to go Juliana and Livi.