Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

Wow! After being stuck in my house for close to a month because everyone but me was sick, we finally came out to see the light of day for a very eventful weekend.

Here is Olivia showing off the dress that she stole from Juliana. This was supposed to be Juliana's dress for this special weekend, and after ripping off the tags, we realized that she had gotten just touch to chunky for the zipper to go all the way up. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that she's packing on the pounds! So guess who reaped the benefit. . .

We started off with our little Marisa's graduation. You are awesome Risa and we are so proud of you. I met Marisa when she was just a tiny middle schooler and am proud to say we have watched her grow into this amazing lady. The Brooks Babes adore her and so do we! I know you will do something amazing in this life and we are honored to have you in our life! Go RISA!!!

Then from the graduation party we were off to meet our very good friends Dee and Amber for dinner. It just so happened to be Ms. Amber's birthday and we were so glad we got the chance to celebrate it with her! Happy Birthday Amber!

Oh oh. Looks like Olivia is ready for nap time!


  1. I can't believe you managed to fit in a post before you left town! You are one incredible mama! The pic of livi is classic!

  2. LOVE that dress and can I say how jealous I am that Juliana is too chunky to fit in it! I have never uttered those words about Brooklyn!! Ha! ;)

  3. There's that famous Livi nose scrunch!

  4. How cute are these pictures. Looks like fun times for sure. Livi's dress is really cute and her smile is so cute.....