Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

This weekend we celebrated Father's Day with the best daddy in the world. We started off the day with church and just as usual we had an angel and a little devil. Would you like to guess which was which. Well, in case you weren't sure, this picture should help you out. Juliana was looking down because she doesn't like sun in her face and Olivia was upset for God only know what reason. Gosh Livi, didn't anyone tell you . . . it's Father's Day!

Here we are at Roger's Choice for lunch. He knew this was his one chance to pick something that I would never agree to, so he chose a Mongolian Buffet. This may not sound too bad to some of you, but let me just say, this was "quantity" not "quality" food.

Livi enjoyed about 15 slices of watermelon. And I will admit they had really good crab rangoons!

Here is Livi doing her best surprise face! What was she surprised about? I'm not sure, but it wasn't the food.

These were not from Father's Day, just some pictures of her doing therapy with Dee. She is really doing a great job standing with some support! Go Juju!

Of course, Livi couldn't miss out on the photo op.


  1. I hope you ALL had a great Father's Day!!

  2. Wow what great pictures. Looks like you had a fun Father's Day. Way to go JuJu on your hard work with your therapy. I am very proud of you. You girls are so cute.