Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July - Finally!!!

Let's just say this Fourth of July was H-O-T!!!! This is us at the Irving Parade. It was a blast. Of course Opi and Auntie Laura didn't make it for the parade. I guess it was a bit too early for them. Here is Omi and Gary!

And here is the rest of the Parade Crew!

And here is a beautiful picture of Aunt Linda with her best parade face!

Here is Livi directing the marching band that was passing by. I think she's a natural.

I think Juliana also enjoyed the music!

Here is Uncle Gary wearing the "women's" shirt that we got by mistake. Sorry Uncle Gary.

So while everyone was here we got into a nasty habit of going for ice cream or frozen custard every night. For some reason my clothes are feeling tight. Anyway, Juliana LOVED it and LOVED every second she spent with her Auntie Laura and Uncle Gary. She adores them, I just wish they lived closer. By the way, did you notice that she looks more like her Auntie Laura than she does Roger or I? I think we should start calling her "Mini Laura".

So we wanted to take a picture of Olivia with her God parents the way Juliana did with hers, but Olivia didn't like that idea. Here is Ray doing his best Olivia impersonation.

Aunt Julie didn't have any luck either.

And to end the evening, here is a video of Juliana and her wonderful giggle!

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