Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Problem with Film Cameras . . .

The problem with film cameras is that it takes me forever to actually take the film to get developed and then another eternity to go pick up the film once it's ready. But thank goodness, these pictures were worth the wait. We bought a disposable waterproof camera in the beginning of June because we were going to our friend Kolton's birthday party at Bedford Splash. Although it was pretty hot, my girls had a blast!

Here is Juliana sporting her new Minnie Mouse swim suit that Aunt Gale found her!

Here I am with Amy and the watermelon monster. I swear, I think she could live on watermelon if we let her!

Here is Livi with our friend Lindsay. She looks adorable with her little baby bump. I think Livi was trying to butter up her future mother-in-law!

Here is Livi working on her tan

Juliana decided she needed some color too! Good thing they are wearing their shades!

Her future's so bright . . . She has to wear shades!

She needed to cool off!

Us too!

One of just a few "Family Photos"

Awwww. Aren't they cute!
I think it's nap time.

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