Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Form of Discipline!

So it seems that my once sweet Olivia has entered what most people refer to as the "terrible two's" a bit early. At the ripe old age of 19 months she is in full force. She has the shrieking blood curdling screams down pat and is a pro at the throw yourself face down and kick and scream and my all time favorite the "arch the back" maneuver. We are firm believers in a spanking on the bottom when necessary, however we have reached the point that I ask her if she needs a spanking midway through the fit and she will actually say yes and spank herself. So this may not be the most effective method with her. But this, my latest discover worked like a charm today. The solution . . . . Let her cook dinner! Here she is hand counting the egg noodles she needed for the beef stroganoff - which by the way was amazing for a 19 month old.

Look at my little chef!


  1. What a sassy girl! cute little cook!

  2. How cute!!!!
    It looks like when you grow up you are going to be a good cook---just like your Mom.