Sunday, September 6, 2009

OMG!!! Guess Who Turned 3!!!!!

This weekend our little Juliana turned 3! I absolutely cannot believe that she is now a child of 3! She truly is growing and learning everyday and she's amazing to be around. Although we are all a little nervous for this coming week, we managed to unwind and have a great party with our great family and friends. Thank you to all that came and shared this special day with us. We love you guys!

Here our cousins Dylan and Kayla. I don't know how David and Ty managed to escape the picture. . .
David and Ashley
Omi & Opi
Amber & Dee

Cameron, Lexi & Lesi

Shaylen & Nora
Claudia & Gale
Omi A.K.A - Ping Pong Champion
David & Dee Dee
Teresa, Olivia & Mrs. West

Check out her amazing Girl Power Cake. It was made by a very dear friend Dominique. Check out her blog at
Juliana was very anxious to try her beautiful cake!

Here is daddy lighting the candles. . .
Everyone singing . . .

And make a wish!!!!

It was a Neapolitan cake (three layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) It tasted as good as looks!!!!

Claudia & Alex

Juliana & Amber

Here we are with Omi opening all the goodies!

She really had so much fun that day.

Okay, I think I was having just as much fun as she was!
And this is a picture of Olivia the next morning walking around with all of the mylar balloons that Juliana had received. She actually looked like a balloon vendor. Balloons for sale . . .


  1. Happy birthday, Juliana! That cake is almost as gorgeous as you are. Here's to many more awesome birthdays to come! Congrats Kristy and Roger on making it to the Big 3!

  2. I feel like a big jerk - I have her birthday written down as next week! Her birthday card went in the mail today!
    I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake it is beautiful and looks delicious too!
    Happy Birthday Sweet Angel!!

  3. Yum! What great pics! Happy birthday Juliana!!!