Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Friendship Rekindled

When Juliana was a baby (and before we entered into the Rett Syndrome nightmare) this little Leap Frog table was her absolute favorite toy. We would take the legs off and she would lay on her tummy and play forever. Those little tunes would play over and over in our heads and even in our sleep. So as we were cleaning out for the garage sale we had recently, we came across this old friend. You should have seen her eyes when we put the batteries in the music started playing. I guess you never outgrow some toys.

And yes, we are also happy to report that Juliana is doing much better. She has had 2 full nights of sleep and two days now without fever. Poor Olivia on the other hand is still fighting this bug. We hope she will be on the mend soon.

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