Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Livi's Birthday - Take 2

Well, everyone has been so worried about Olivia's birthday. You know, when would we celebrate her birthday since she was born on leap year. Would we do it February 28th or March 1st. Well rest assured her 2nd birthday was well celebrated. But being a leap year birthday actually made things a lot easier since there wasn't an actual date, we celebrated on several occasions. This was the latest since all of our out of town family came into town (well except for Auntie Laura, Uncle Gary & Uncle Eddie but don't worry, we'll catch you at the Golf Tournament)

So here are some pictures of her beautiful Backyardigans Birthday Cake compliments to her Nina Julie & Nino Ray. You out did yourselves! And believe me it was just as delicious as it looked.
There's Tasha & Austin
There's Tyrone
There's Pablo
And of course it wouldn't be complete without Uniqua!
Isn't it adorable!

Here's Claudia & Donnie
Here's the Nina & the Nino with the girls
Roger with baby Tanner (future son-in-law)
Lindsay & Chris
Amy, Gale & Joe
Rachael with the Marsh's
Kayla, David, Aunt Melissa, Ty & David
Nick with Austin behind him.
Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"
Blowing out the candles!!! I can't believe she is such a big girl. She is growing up way to fast!!!
I think she loves all of the attention.
Some more of that delicious cake!
And of course she had to pick off each character and taste them. Here she was taking a bite out of Austin.
A little taste of Tasha
Here is skinny Uncle Danny!
Here is the birthday girl opening her gifts. Couldn't resist putting the bow on her head.
This is a gift from Auntie Laura.
And this one from Uncle Gary. She loves the little tiger cub but I don't think she fully trusts him. Every time he purrs or growls she gets kind of nervous. I can't blame her, it's pretty "life-like"
Here she is attempting to read the Olivia book that her Nina Julie and Nino Ray got her. I can't really help her since they got her the Latin version. That is Latin, not Latino. Big difference guys. Ha ha.
The girl loves presents!
This might have been her favorite gift. It was a Laundry Station from her Omi and Opi. Complete with washing machine, ironing board, broom with dust pan and mop. I love that it was her favorite gift. It won't be long until she can help for real!
Who's more excited, her or me?
This is another favorite of hers. Her dress up clothes.
This is her in a very cute dress that her friend Marisa MADE for her. With her pearls of course. And her dog that Auntie Laura gave her. I love that she loved this dog so much because this dog is named Harry and he is from a series of children's books that I absolutely adored as a child, Harry the Dirty Dog. If you've never read the books, I HIGHLY recommend them.
Look at Ms. Priss
Here is Ms. Priss ironing and working the Laundry Station.
These pictures were taken the next day. Juliana was enjoying Olivia's new bike and Livi was more than happy to share! I love these girls!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a great 2nd Birthday for Livi!!! Everything was perfect and what great weather it was. She got some amazing gifts. JuJu your birthday is coming up....

  2. That was the best birthday party! Colleen's Cakes did an incredible job on the cake, and taht was most evident when Livi actually spoke to her cake before eating it. We had so much fun!