Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Day!

So, despite my last post, we have awakened today 3 happy girls with a great attitude.  The sun is shining and melting everything and best of all Daddy is coming home today - God willing!  What a week.  I know after reading the last post, you may be asking "Kristy, however did you survive such a brutal week?" or "Where did you learn those survival skills?"  Well as for the skills, I found it all came natural to me.  ha ha.  As for surviving the week, well we had awesome entertainment.  Olivia, my daughter the homebody, was totally fine staying in for four days.  She saw nothing wrong with this.  She sang to us, danced for us, wrapped all of her toys and re gifted them to us in a pretend Christmas, served us from her restaurant (too bad it wasn't real food), dressed up in a variety of different costumes, pretended to be the housekeeper (although I'm pretty sure she made more of a mess than anything) and took us on numerous other adventures.  I think that is one of my favorite things about her - she is so creative and has an amazing imagination.  So, here is a picture and a video to give you an idea of our entertainment for the week.

This is her dressed and ready to go trick or treating with her dog Bernie who dressed as a cat!

And this is her showing off her singing and dancing skills.  It's kind of long, but while your are watching just think to yourself, it's not as long as FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!

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  1. Anna and I have enjoyed reading your blog this week. It was quite humorous and entertaining in spite of the cabin fever you had at times. Amazing how kids can bring fun into those times. Thanks for sharing it with us! Love to you all! See you Monday! Carol West and Anna West