Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Update

So here is a Valentine's weekend (actually starting the week before Valentine's) update. 

To start with, Olivia is still addicted to tights.  It's all she wants to wear.  So here is a cute shot of her wearing her favorite pink tights and the leopard print skirt her Aunt Linda bought her. 
This was February 10th and unfortunately on this afternoon I got the dreaded call from Juliana's school.  I was okay taking the call initially.  They started off telling me that she had had a seizure.  Okay, I'm totally disappointed at hearing this, but I'm okay.  I mean, this has happened before.  Then she proceeds to tell me that it lasted for 4 minutes and 50 seconds!!!!!  This is where I lost it.  She had never had a seizure for this long!  They had always been for a maximum of 1 minute.  Rett Syndrome really knows how to slap you in the face and knock you on your butt. So I go pick her up and yes, she just had a seizure - she is completely out! I get her home, she is kind of lethargic but starting to smile again.  I'm thinking things are okay again, when bam!  Seizure number 2!  What a huge bummer!!!!!!  So thankfully Roger stayed home with her on Friday to keep an eye on her and take her back to the neuro.  Long story short, it's time to try another seizure med.  So we start the very slow process of weaning her off of the two meds she is on and onto the new one.  I'm not complaining, I just really hope this works!

So, in an attempt to move on, here we are at the movies.  We decided to take the girls on a Valentine's date to see the movie Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D!!!!

Needless to say, Juliana was exhausted!  She slept through lunch, the entire movie and still some more at home!  I guess she was still recovering from a rough couple of days.
Livi loved it!

Here is Livi right before we went to church.  I just caught her here watching tv and looking like such a young lady.  She is growing entirely too fast!
So after church, the weather was so amazing we decided to have a nice lunch in the backyard.  After lunch the girls headed for the swings.  They both thoroughly enjoyed!

This is Livi making her best silly faces.  The girl is a nut!

And here is sweet Juju.  I think the fresh air and sun did her good.  She really had a great time and finally starting to get back to normal!

So after playing outside, I told Roger I needed to go to the grocery store and the girls could take a nap.  As soon as she heard that, Olivia started whining that she wasn't tired and she didn't want a nap.  So against Roger's advice, I suggest taking her to the store with me.  What's the big deal, right.  The kids not tired!  Wrong!  As soon as we got to the store she went into a sleep induced coma which I was completely unable to wake her from.  Here is a picture.  I should have taken the picture after I did the shopping so show her still sleeping in the cart with groceries piled high on all sides of her.  I finally just had to lift the dead weight out of the cart when I needed the bags she was using as a pillow, and carry her lifeless body to the car. 
Lesson learned: An almost 3 year old still requires a daily nap!
Then I get home to a very well rested Juliana and her amazing smile!  God what a relief to see this face after the last couple of days.
Then it was dinner, followed by the production of about one million cupcakes for all of the Valentine's parties of the next day.  Here is my trusty assistant.  As she was putting on the sprinkles she kept "accidentally sticking a finger into the icing and say, "Oh oh Mommy!  I have to lick my fingo again!".  She is tricky.  Don't worry, we washed hands after each lick!

And here is Miss Valentine - ready for her party in, yes you guessed it, another pair of tights!


  1. The tights are awesome! I am really sorry to hear about the seizures, but glad that J is on the road to recovery. I am sure that never gets any easier.

  2. Cute pictures of the girls. The girls love their swings for sure. I pray for Juju everyday.