Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Livi!

This past Saturday we celebrated Olivia's 3rd Birthday at Cotton Creek Park in Irving.  Actually it won't really be her birthday until next year.  She is actually only 3/4 of a year - Ha ha.  Anyway, it was a blast.  Last year's party was held at the same place but the weather didn't really cooperate.  It was freezing.  So this year we prayed for warmer and we got it!  The one thing we didn't pray for was not so much wind.  But luckily we had kites so it all worked out.

Now get ready for a ton of pictures!

Vick's/ Pacheco's/Valdez
Birthday Girl

Dan & Mariana
Zelma & Hannah

Here is Kevin - Roger in the background trying to get that kite off the ground

Kite 1, Roger 0.  Getting ready for round 2!

Livi greeting T-Bone!  She loves that baby!

Here she is giving Allison a sunburn hug.  Don't know why they both felt so awkward about this.

Mrs. West finally got here!  Juliana was waiting for her!

Kite 2, Roger 0.  But he's not giving up!
Kolton & Kevin
Livi with her bestie Faith - and her momma!
Go Faith!
Livi posing for the camera!

So here is the big moment she's being waiting for. . . . the blowing out of the candles!!!! Not so fast, did I mention there was like tornado speed wind.  Not conducive for lighting candles.  So here is me telling her that we are just going to pretend to blow out candles.  I don't think she's feeling it.

She loves us singing to her!

This is her fake blowing out of the candles.
I guess her wish came true!
After the cupcakes, it was back to the play ground!

Gab & Ris
Nora & Liv

T-Bone and Mrs. West wheeling Juliana to very top!

Juliana & her friend Mrs. West!

                                                           Now time for Presents!!!!

Look at this crowd!  Needless to say she got spoiled rotten!

Now here goes Livi trying her hand at kite flying.  I guess she takes after Roger in this arena:)

Then after the windy park it was time for La Margarita!  Not for Livi of course but for the parentals!

Here is her look of surprise when the waitstaff came out singing to her!

She was so worn out!  Long day but lots of fun!


  1. Love it! These pics really captured the party! Love how we can see you and Livi's friendship as she's opening presents...priceless. Not sayin' you don't bring down the hammer when needed...anywho. Also glad Tanner could show off his belly in every pic. :)

  2. Livi knows how to have a party for a 3 year old. It was a perfect party. The day was beautiful. They had fun with the kites. She got some amazing presents. It was a fun afternoon.