Sunday, April 24, 2011

2nd Annual Golf for a Cure!

I can't believe The 2nd Annual Golf for a Cure is over this year.  Very happy to report that we doubled the amount we raised from last year and that means we are that much closer to a cure.  A huge thank you to all of our wonderful Dream Team that made it happen. 

Here we are the night before the big event for the last minute meeting to go over all the important details. (Check out our sporty Golf for a Cure visors!)

 And here we are the day of the event! Grabbing a quick bite before the fun begins!
 On raffle ticket and shirt sales. . . .
 Check-in table . . . . .

 Don't hide Roger - it's all going so well!
 This was really cool to see all of our golfers getting ready to start
 Here they have all assembled and ready to head out!

 It was a special moment to see the start!

 The Britain Elementary group (minus Barbara)
 Here is most of our Dream Team (still had a few hard workers out on the green)
 This is part of her amazing school team from Clifton Early Childhood Center

 This girl was a trooper.  She lasted almost up to the very end.
 And here is our Dream Team at the end of the night.  Thanks for making this a huge Success!!!!!


  1. What a great day this was. I have to say I did tear up a little looking at these pictures. So much love for Juju. It was a perfect day with memories that will last a life time and closer each minute to a cure for Juju and the other girls. Love to you all,

  2. Kristy awesome! We are so blessed to have you, your husband and your entire dream team working so hard to fund our cure! Thank you! Looks like it was an amazing success!