Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book Worm!

It's true - The girls are a bunch of book worms.  This is awesome because Roger and I never really were.  But it makes me so happy that they are so excited by books.  We've been going to the library all summer and they LOVE it! We've discovered a new author (Jan Thomas) that Olivia is in love with.  We have check out all of her books (and recently extended our loan because she is not ready to give them up).  Her two favorites are "A Birthday for Cow" and "The Dog House".  If you haven't read them I highly recommend them.  They are just funny and they involve turnips.  So if you are interested, here is Olivia reading "A Birthday for Cow".  I know it's kind of long, and the story itself is not that funny.  What's funnier is how funny Olivia finds the book.  So enjoy.

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  1. Cute, sweet Livi!!! I am so proud of you. You worked so hard on reading the book. I love your expressions. You are going to do so wonderful at CDC. Love you.