Friday, October 28, 2011

8th Annual Brook' Pumpkin Carving Show Down

Since 2003, The Brooks' have been proud to host the Pumpkin Carving Championship.  What started off as four of us carving a pumpkin has grown into quite the competitive event.  Unfortunately last year we canceled because life was very hectic and crazy and we thought there would be no time for something as fun as this.  Well, this year we came to the realization that, that is our life.  It will always be hectic and crazy and you have to schedule some fun things in order to keep yourself going.  So we were happy to announce that the competition was back, and will be for years to come! 

Some yummy pumpkin cupcakes!

 Pumpkin rice crispy treats.  Funny thing about these things is that I saw them on pinterest and thought they were so cute.  So I decided we would make some.  So I told Roger to be ready, and once the marshmallows melt drop the food color in for me.  He asked how many drops and I said not alot.  So he followed my directions and what we managed to do is die the marshmallows the exact same color as a rice crispy.  So the first batch came out nude.  Then the second batch came out slightly more orange, but not really.  Moral of the story, don't be afraid of food coloring.
 Kevin and Kristen hard at work!
 Marisa at the painting table!
 Juliana getting her paint on!
 Angelina painting her pumpkin smurf
 Zelma the Artist
 Olivia the Artist
 And of course Marisa!
 Becky and Mindy working so hard they couldn't stop for a picture. . . .
 Okay, fine - we'll pose.  Hope it doesn't cost us the win!
 And the awards go to . . . . .

For Most Awesome 2 Year Old. . . . . . . Evan!
 For Craziest Pumpkin. . . . . Juliana!!!  I know, she is in shock!
 For Cutest Pumpkin . . . . . Angelina!
 For Spookiest Pumpkin . . . . Olivia!!!
 For Scariest Pumpkin. . . . Karley!
 Also for Scariest Pumpkin. . . . Faith!!!!
 In the adult categories. . . . .

For Best Effort  . . . . .  . . . Kevin!!!!!  Don't worry people.  This is his first go at the title.  I foresee great things from him next year!
 For Jacked-Up Jack-O. . . . . . . Kevin.  Sorry Kevin, it was a great idea, just didn't work out:(
 For Silliest Pumpkin. . . . . . Kolton for his Angry Birds Pumpkin
 For Spookiest Pumpkin Ron!
 The Craftsmanship Award. . . . . . Goes to Becky!!!
 And this years Pumpkin Carving Master Award goes to . . . . . Mindy!!!!!

Too bad we didn't take any pictures of the actual lit pumpkins outside, but they were awesome!

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  1. A very fun party. Thanks for having a great Pumpkin Party. Everyone had a great time.