Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back in Glasses

Juliana has had a long time battle with her eyes.  At a little over 1 year of age, her eyes started to cross.  In an effort to build strength in her eyes, the doctor recommended glasses.  Here is an adorable picture of her in her glasses at 17 months in her adorable little glasses.

Unfortunately the glasses didn't do what they were intended to do, so we had the first of 2 strabismus surgeries, and fortunately following surgeries she didn't require glasses anymore.  This was awesome because at that age it was so hard to get her to keep them on her face. 

Well fast forward 3 years from that and we start to notice her eyes pulling out a little.  So we take her to the eye doctor for a check up, thinking he might say she may need another surgery or something, when low and behold he discovers she has a pretty substantial astigmatism in both eyes requiring a pretty hefty prescription. So back into glasses we go!  Good thing she looks absolutely adorable in glasses!

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