Saturday, September 1, 2012

Juliana's Birthday - Babes Style

So, we aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.  It only took of 5 years of Juliana throwing up on her birthday to finally ask the question, "Do you want a birthday party with 50 plus people in attendance?"  Her answer was a very clear NO!  I asked her if she wanted birthday cake, to which she answered - YES! and then I asked if she wanted presents to which she answered - YES!  So, if you didn't get an invitation this year, it wasn't because you were left off the list.  It was because we were honoring what Juliana asked for, which was a low key party with just a few people, cake and gifts.  So since the El Paso Family was in town we decided to go Babe's Style.  Babe's is a Chicken Farm that serves the freshest and best chicken ever!  And if it's your birthday you get to put this disgusting old worn-by-a-million-people hat!

 And since Daddy's had just passed we decided he could also take a picture.
 And since Opi's had also just passed we thought. . . . . . well Opi didn't agree.
 And it wasn't Gabbi's birthday, I just figured since she was starting high school it would make a good black mail photo

 Then we headed home for the presents part
 Auntie Laura got her a cute new purse with lip gloss inside and crayons and a coloring book.

 And a cool Mickey Mouse shirt!  He never gets old!
 And Omi got her the cutest Hello Kitty jogging suit.

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