Sunday, October 7, 2012

Best Day Ever

Okay - best day in a really long time.  Don't get me wrong, times have not been terrible, but since all these meds changes we haven't really had "our Juliana" in awhile.  And this day proved she was back!  We had told them the night before we would be going to the Fair if everyone behaved at Sunday school and church.  Well, check that off the list.  Livi had a great day and Juliana stayed awake and alert (first time) and actually answered questions on her Tobii.  She also stayed awake through the entire mass at church (also a first in a long time).  So this was the face after church.  I think it's safe to say she knows she earned her day at the fair!
 Liv was just as excited.  Not really sure how they knew the fair would be awesome since Liv had never been.  In fact the last time we went to the State Fair of Texas Juliana was about 15 months old, I was about 5 months pregnant and it was 100 degrees in October.  Oh yeah, then Juliana threw up all over me, so then we left the fair covered in throw up and 100 degrees. 
 And it was soooooo cold this day too!  Low 50's and some drizzle.  Do you think she minded?

 First stop was the German dancers that always bring a smile (and laughter) to my face since it totally brings me back to Chevy Chase in Europeon Vacation.
 Livi the butterfly
 And out of the thousands and thousands of people at the fair, Liv ran into a classmate

 Then we decided before we start stuffing our face with junk food we should start with some rides.  Liv wanted to ride everything with no fear.  Juliana looked willing to try as well, so we started with this one.  For my El Pasoans, it is like the Himalaya at Western Playland (basically goes around in circles really fast while playing really loud music). I got a little nervous midway because I didn't remember it going this fast, but good news, both girls loved it! They were all smiles!
 After that we made a cotton candy stop.  Juj ended up with a Cotton Candy Gotee.  She rocked it.
 Then they rode this roller coaster.
 Roger's looking a little nervous - don't worry daddy!
 This is Liv showing the strangers next to her how she is going to raise her hands in the air!

 From there we moved onto my favorite part of the day- The Roasted Corn!  This is why I come to the fair.  Don't know what it is about it, but I could eat my weight in roasted corn. 
 Everybody loved the corn!
And I mean EVERYBODY! (Another first - she has never been so motivated to actually take a bite of corn off of the cob!)
You missed the part where we devoured several funnel cakes - all in the name of using up our tickets before we left.

And here we are at the famous Midway

And then to top off the evening we stayed for part of the Chinese Lantern Parade.  It was amazing.  

 By this time we were going on almost 5 hours of the fair, in cold weather and two kids who had not had naps. Right about this time we passed one of those obnoxious booths selling those stupid light sticks and other hodge podge shenanigans to get your money. So guess who decided they wanted one and continued to throw a fit about a light stick. So this is where we followed the parade out to our exit and left the fair!
The coolest thing about this day, is that it was completely unexpected.  I thought Juliana would not like the fair, that it would be too many people, too many noises, too much anxiety.  I figured we would go for about an hour and then have to leave because it would be torture for her.  But, the only consistent thing about Juliana is that she is inconsistent.  She loved every second - no doubt about it.  She loved the noise, the people, the food, the rides.  So today - WE WON!  Take that Rett Syndrome! And we will try to never assume what she will like or not like.  Rather we will try it out - whatever it may be.

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  1. Woo!Hoo! Way to go Juju! I'm very jealous about the corn. :)