Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costumes, Cupcakes and Carving

This year I was floored that both of my little princesses wanted to be witches.  And not the cute frilly witches, they wanted full on green face with warts!  As much as it shocked me, I also loved it!  Juliana had a dress up day the Friday before Halloween at school.  It had to be a book character of course.  So I kind of forgot until the Wednesday before the dress up, so I asked her if she would possibly consider going at Minnie Mouse to school since we already had that costume and we have plenty of Minnie books.  She looked at her computer and said "NO!".  I pleaded with her, "come on, we have no witch costume or witch book.  You can still be a witch for Halloween, just be Minnie at school."  To which she responded "NO!"  So I said, "Ok, we will figure this out.  I will find a costume and a book"  Then, in sweet and selfless Juliana style, she responded with her computer, "I'm sorry, I was just kidding.  I'm sorry."  To which I said, "NO!  I am glad that you are telling me you want to be a witch and I am going to make it happen." 

This is her on that Friday.  She was so excited with her costume.  I was a little nervous about the face painting, especially since when I dropped her off no one else had their face painted, but she was so excited.  They had a costume parade, which Juliana the witch was the leader of!  Unfortunately I didn't get to see it because I was at jury duty that week, but I was told she was nothing but smiles and giggles that day.

 Then that weekend we had our annual pumpkin carving party.  Here is Juliana making cupcakes with Ashley.  Do you think she likes cupcakes!!!
 And here is Liv at the Pumpkin Party.  She makes one spooky witch!
 Here is Emma - our favorite little elephant
 And Tanner, the best Mailman EVER!!!!              
 For those of you that know, this was our 9th Annual Pumpkin Carving Competition.  And 9 years ago, it truly was a Super Competitive Event.  We would have anywhere from 9-15 pumpkins entered in the competition and everyone fought to win the coveted Golden Pumpkin Award.  It remained this way for about the first 4-5 years of the competition.  But it's changed now.  What had changed is that we are old and we have children.  So what started off as a fight-to-the-death type of competition ended this year with 3 pumpkins entered and one not finished.  We spend way more time playing with the kids and baby and very few time carving or judging.  So here are the awards from this years' competition:
The Award for a Hot Mess of an Unfinished Pumpkin goes to  . . . . . . . . . . . Chuy Loucks
 Clint won the Golden Pumpkin and Ashley won the Golden Kitty Award.  Unfortunatley we didn't even take a single picture of the actual pumpkins, but trust me on this one, they were the winners!
 The Award for the Cutest Mailman Ever goes to . . . . . . Tanner
 And one last shot of Elphaba the witch!

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