Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Time

This week was a great family week.  Omi and Opi came in on Sunday and Olivia was stuck to her like glue.  So they were supposed to babysit Baby Izzie this day, but unfortunately Baby Izzie had an ear infection and couldn't come.  Liv was devastated because she had put on her "babysitting clothes and everything!"  So instead they opened up a daycare which included all of her babies and stuffed animals, but NOT CASEY!  She was kicked out of daycare.  Then it was time for crochet lessons!

Juliana and I were at appointments all day and she was a trooper.  She had blood drawn that morning, an appointment for Botox injections she will be receiving next month and she had to get her AFO's adjusted.  She is such a tough cookie.  Just look at that smile!
Then the next day Baby Izzie was feeling a little better and she came over to play awhile.  She is a doll and Liv and Juj love her!
Then that night Aunt Melissa, David, Kayla and Ty came over.  Ty and Olivia LOVE each other so much and always have a blast together.  I love this picture so much because this is what it is like the entire time they are together.  Nothing but big huge belly busting laughter!
Juj had a great time as well.
And then finally it was Thanksgiving!  No traditional Thanksgiving meal for us.  No sir.  We went out to dinner.  Thank you TX Land and Cattle for a very delicious dinner!
Daddy and Juj
 Omi and Opi
 Ty and Olivia
 Melissa, Kayla and David
 Omi and Izzie
 And this is what Omi chose for her dinner.  They did offer a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but Omi, being the carnivore that she is chose the steak and potato.
 Opi went for the traditional

Then after dinner, Omi and I decided to brave the stores and went to Walmart.  I mean how bad could it be, right.  It was 8pm and the real sales weren't starting until 10pm.  Let's give it a shot.  BAD IDEA!  When will we learn.

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