Saturday, November 3, 2012

CDC 2012 Fun Run

This year's CDC Fun Run was a blast. 

Here is Team 1 running in the Wheels division of the race: Roger and Juliana!
And Team 2 - Marisa, Kristy, Olivia and Faith
 And they're off!  I have to say that a year really makes a difference.  I rememeber running this with Olivia last year.  She was 3 and a total wuss.  Granted she was only 3 years old, but she tired out before we hit the first 1/4 of a mile.  This year, a different story.  She was determined to win.  I had gotten up in the middle of the night with Juliana and Olivia rolled over and said, "Are you taking her out of here so I can get some good rest and win my race?"  Yes my dear.  Then she woke up in the morning and told me she needed pony tails today because in her words "Hair down, slows you down!"  All she talked about was how she was going to win that trophy.  I thought she has a fighting chance.  Although she has Roger and my genes (which don't include the running genes), she is one of the older kids in the class, and she is taller than them all, and she really wants to win this year.  They give out a trophy to the first place girl and boy of each class.  So she only has to be faster than the girls in her class.  Please Jesus, just this once, let her little legs carry her to that trophy she wants so badly.  Well, not so much.  Unfortunately she didn't even make top 3 of her class.  She was kind of bummed, but to told her how proud I was of her.  How much she grew in a year, that last year she cried the whole mile and this year not so much as a tear.  I really was so proud of her.
 Here is Juj catching up with her favorite Mrs. West.
 And here is Juliana and Roger, winning 1st place in the Wheels division.  Yes of course we were happy for them, but it was kind of like salt in Livi's already stinging wound.
 And this has to be one of my favorite pictures in a long time.  I took it.  Doesn't it remind you of the family portraits you took in the late 70's with your parents. It's like Roger with his 3 daughters.  Love it!

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