Saturday, April 27, 2013

CDC Spring Musical

This year's CDC Spring Musical was "A Night of Nursery Rhymes" and Olivia was one of the Pigs.  

 After walking down the red carpet, each actor got to take a picture with Mother Goose herself

 The grand entrance
 Their performance was of the 5 little piggies.  You know, this little piggy went to market . . . . . Only this was the 5 Piggy Rap.  It was so cute
 Take a bow
 Sassy Piggy
 Liv the Pig with her good friend Evan, the cow that jumped over the moon!
 Her and her good friends Faith and Ronke, the Itsy Bitsy Spider
 It was the after party
 Aunt Gale

Aunt Linda
 Juj and Daddy
 Let's try that again, much better
 Uncle Ray
 Mrs. Mays - Principal of Children's Discovery Center - We will miss you!
Mrs. Stipes - Her and Mrs. Devore have provided our girl with such a solid foundation and we are so grateful to have had such wonderful ladies in Olivia's life.  We will miss them as so much as well. 

 Mrs. Shipley
Me and my twin with a horrible photo bomb in the background.
That's better

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