Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Do's

Time for the annual Summer cuts for the Brooks' girls.  Both girls decided that they wanted to cut off quite a bit of length.  I had to talk Juliana into not going to short because with her curls she would have been sporting  jerry curl.

So Juliana took off 5 inches.
She loved it!

But Livi decided she wanted it all off.  She has been saying for weeks she wants to cut her hair like mine.  Mine is a very short bob hair cut.  She claims she wants it short to look just like me, but truth be told, she is tired of pony tails and since I won't let her wear her hair down to school she wants it chopped off!  I wasn't going to let her go so short except when we measure we found if was long enough to donate, so we went for it!
It was pretty tough getting through that long pony tail.

And there it is ladies and gentlemen. . . . . 10 inches of hair!  Doesn't she kind of look like Katie Holmes in this picture.  I think it's the hair and the cheek bones.

I'm not sure, do you think she likes it?
Yeah, still not sure if she really really likes it.

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