Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So, this winter has been a crazy one.  Aside from being much colder than normal, we have had temperature mood swings, with one day feeling nice and 60's to the next freezing and 20.  Apparently there is a Polar Vortex which we have affectionately started calling the Bi-Polar Vortex.  Anywho, here are some pics from our first experience with the Polar Vortex.

 Many, many, many people lost power during this storm.  Our friends the Pacheco's were one of those.  We tried to get them to come over and stay in the warm.  We tried to bribe them with warm cookies or homemade cinnamon rolls and nothing.  So we tried this video.
 Then the next morning after the Polar Vortex hit, Santa came a little early with some nice surprises.  Mostly because the Germans would soon be leaving and he had some surprises for them too.

 Then Uncle Alfons decided he would go out and single-handedly break up all the ice on our walk way.  If you can see the street it is a solid sheet of ice.  That is what our walk way looked like before Uncle Alfons go to it!

 And while Uncle Alfons took care of the outside, Tante Monika made some cowboy cookies with the girls inside.  Because what else do you do when it's freezing outside - BAKE COOKIES!

 Juliana loved this!


 And as a sort of last dinner in Texas, and also because we were getting cabin fever, we decided to go out and brave the icy roads for some Chuy's.  They could not believe the amount of food they got for the fajitas.
 Also much more used to eating with a fork and knife than a tortilla.

 Photo Bomb!

 All bundled up!

 Enjoying our warm house and some tv

 Chloe is a great back rest
 But the best cuddled
 Monika getting her last Chloe cuddles

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