Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Santa - Part I

So, we have been having some major discipline issues with Olivia lately.  Ok, maybe not major, but not typical for our kid.  She has just been whiny to the extreme.  Questioning every decision or repeating "please" one million times every time I say no to one of her requests.  Despite my constant reminder that Santa was watching, she continued.  So I decided Santa needed to get involved.  Fortunately he had time to send the following email.  And fortunately Olivia knows how to read well enough to read it to herself.

I'm thinking this is it!  This is going to get her! Wrong.  She was pretty much unfazed.  And apparently my lesson on probability paid off because right after she read it she says "how many more days till Christmas?!?!" And I said why are you so excited, you may not be getting anything!" To which she responded "Mommy it's not CERTAIN that I won't get anything just POSSIBLE" way to use that vocab!

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