Monday, February 3, 2014

Gearing up for the Race!

This the third year that GP2C participates in the Disney Princes Half Marathon weekend.  I participated the first two years.  This last year, registration opened in June, and I was starting a new job and was nervous about making the commitment.  So I stalled while I thought about it and while I did that, the race sold out.  At first I thought, good, decision was made for me.  But as time went on I was getting really sad that I wouldn't be there that weekend and thought about all the amazing people I wouldn't get to see.  But low and behold, someone on the team couldn't make it so a slot opened up and I jumped at the chance to go! No training - no worry.  I will make it!  Here are my magic shoes that are going to make me run really fast!
 And here's my gear!

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