Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Team Juliana Up-Cycled

So I have been hoarding a few t-shirts for several years now.  Most of them were our original "TEAM JULIANA" Shirts.  We had these shirts made shortly after we got Juliana's diagnoses and was really the spearhead that brought us out of depression and into action.  We assembled a team of close friends and family that were all feeling helpless with Juliana's diagnoses and TEAM Juliana was born.  We wore these shirts at all our fundraisers and they became sort of like our uniform.  Well eventually the girls outgrew the shirts and ours became worn out, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them.  They had TEAM JULIANA on them and it just felt sacrilegious to throw them out or donate them.  So they sat for years in the corner of my room in a paper sack, all the while knowing I would find something great to do with them.  

Then, fast forward about 5 years, we meet Claire Oliver, our new assistant principal and basically jack of all trades.  The woman is amazing, she does iron man triathlons for crying out loud and in her spare time apparently she sews.  So saying all that, Claire created this beautiful blanket out of all of my Girl Power inspired t-shirts.  It will keep us warm both on the outside as well as my heart!

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