Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards

So for our second day of touring the metroplex we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Started off with some amazing barbecue - which I am not a huge barbecue fan, but this was good stuff!  And although we have lived in the metroplex for about 15 years, this was the first time I have seen the steers parade through town.  It was kind of funny because I think secretly in my head I thought it was going to be more of a stampede, or like the running of the bulls in Spain, but it's a really tame stroll through town.  

From there we headed to Southlake for a little shopping and walking.  And what you see below is the dental session we had in the middle of Southlake Town Square.  So here's the backstory.  Juliana had lost a tooth that morning and not to be outdone by her sister Olivia was bound and determined to lose one too.  I told her early on that hers wasn't ready, but she insisted.  So all day we have been hearing about this tooth and finally Norma convinces Olivia to let her take a look, because she's ready for this, right.  Wrong, Norma pushes on the tooth (which wasn't ready, but is now ready) Olivia freaks out and starts crying.  So now, 3 days later, the tooth is still in her mouth hanging on by a thread, but she insists she will not force it out.  She will let it come out when it's ready.  Sage advice.

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