Wednesday, March 25, 2020

First Day of (Distance Learning) School

Today started our first day of school in our new distance learning world.  Olivia surprised me by getting up by 9am (even after staying up til past midnight watching the Star Wars movies; one more to go!) and logging on to get her work done.  She 'zoomed' with a friend to get it all down.
We couldn't find any assignments for Jules so I got to take out my teacher hat again as I rostered them in my StudySync classroom.  We started a new unit on myths, fables and folk tales.  Both girls were very interested - I LOVE STUDYSYNC!

After we finished with school work, Liv decided to try her hand at making masks.  Turned out awesome.  And since we are on 'shelter in place' we don't have too much use, but I did use it to pull weeds since everything is pretty much yellow and full of pollen.  
 Then we headed outdoors for physical education.  We were so glad to take our first swim of the season. Beautiful weather after a week of rain and clouds.  We heated up the water a bit so it was perfect. 

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