Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cupid Has Arrived!

Yes - Cupid arrived a day early for the Brooks' Sweethearts. First Uncle Danny came over delivering all sorts of goodies including some sweet little puppies, marshmallow cats (these were Olivia's favorite!) and all kinds of chocolates!

Here is Livi finally getting to eat her marshmallow cat. Meeeeooooow!
Then while the girls were taking a bath, Cupid struck again! Auntie Linda & Gabbi stopped by to deliver these sweet treats. Lots of good books and of course some chocolates.
We are so lucky to have so many people that love our little sweethearts as much they do. Happy Valentine's Day!
Sending everyone kisses from the Brooks Babes!

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  1. Wow, way to go Livi and Juju on Valentine's Day stuff you got. You are popular for sure.